December 27, 2010

What a Year!

Wow! What a year we've had. Most of the year has been non-stop, action packed, full of fun! And really we couldn't have asked for more. Here is our 2010 in review (and little bit of 2009)

Dec 09- Married
Jan - Moved into 1st apartment
April- Anna Got Job in Katy ISD, Houston Dynamo Season Ticket Holders
May- Started House Hunting
July- Bought House
August- Moved into new house & Started school
September- Party, Party, Party ( I think every weekend)
October- SHAC JAM
November- Hosted Thanksgiving
December- First married Christmas, Health Shocker, 1st Married Anniversary and Vacation to Chicago

2011 is already lined up to be a fun, eventful, and life changing year. I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

November 25, 2010

Taking a moment

There were many times today when I just had to take a moment to suck up every second of joy and excitement on this Thanksgiving Day. Starting early this morning our home was full of of our family and friends. We ate. We drank. We watched football. We started new traditions. And it was wonderful. There were so many smiles, and big belly laughs, and simple enjoyment of such a carefree and fun day. It was perfect. I am so glad that Josh and I took the leap to start a new family tradition. I can't wait for next year :)

But traditions don't stop now... We've now got to start preparing for our first (married year) Hanukkah and Christmas. We've discussed our plans for celebrating Hanukkah and started making small purchases to prepare for the Miracle of Lights. I've started pulling out my books :) (which are geared towards elementary aged children- but I LOVE them!). We're still trying to decide if we'll have people over to celebrate with us one night. And then we've got Christmas. We've already started making purchases to start decorating our home with. I can't wait to get them out. I think over the next few days we'll try and get these things done!

The next few months are going to be so busy. But I can not wait! We've got party after party, and wedding after wedding. It's going to be an amazing time. But I am most looking forward to celebrating our 1 year anniversary in Chicago at the end of December.

I hope you all had an amazing holiday with your family and friends. Cherish every moment of togetherness.

September 14, 2010

Our Busy Beautiful Life

In the midst of this crazy world of a life we live in these days, I've neglected bloggerland. But I'm oh so glad you all haven't been neglecting my guilty reading pleasures. I'm so glad I've been able to keep up with you all while I haven't had much time to talk with you.

Since my last post....

The Mr and I have finally gotten settled in our home. And we are more in love than the day we closed :) Our house is just perfect. Perfect Size. Perfect Kitchen. Perfect Backyard. Now I wish we could say that we've got the whole house set up. But we don't. We've gotten things to a "comfy" state. But I can't wait to have some spare time to do some decorating. We've got some really fun projects ahead of us. The first ones on our list include dining room, then living room, followed by game room & then laundry room.

Next up is Work World. This new teaching position I have is ROUGH. And that is to put it nicely. It is a very difficult but also very rewarding group of kiddos. They push me to learn new skills, techniques, alternative curriculums, medical practices, and much much more. The first week or two I was putting in VERY long hours up at school. I was there sun up to sun down and even on the weekends. I think that's part of what was making me so tired. So I switched some things around, adapted a new schedule and things are working out well. I've got more energy during the school day and in the evening.
Transitioning to working life is a new experience for Josh and I. We've had to learn to really split all the responsibilities. We eat more "box" meals (aka mac-n-cheez & ramen), and have to move deeper into our wardrobes (as laundry dosen't get done as often), and we've had to get over the fact that our cute house won't be perfect all the time. But we're trying new routines and tweaking old ones to allow us to make the most of this new schedule.
Well that's all the time I have for now. But I plan to update more soon!

June 29, 2010

House Update

Just wanted to let you all know how things were going on our end....

Simply put... It's going GREAT!!

The inspection went really well. Nothing too major. We'll have a few things to do- but nothing we can't handle.

We are so excited. I can hardly handle it. But I certainly have been getting a taste of home ownership already... I've been talking with the loan officer, and home insurance companies, and all that good stuff. And ::phew:: it's so exhausting. But we've been getting great news all around.

We also have been working on shopping. I'm still looking for the perfect couch and kitchen table. Josh is still looking for the perfect lawn mower and new tv for the bedroom.

We can not wait to have everyone over to enjoy it with us. The 2 porches are definitely calling my name.

Soon I'll post some pictures of paint colors we've choosen, some of our furniture selections, and all that good stuff.

Hope you all are doing well and loving the 2nd half of the summer!

June 25, 2010

We got it!!

Well we sorta got it. We have finally agreed on a price and terms of the contract. And things are looking great. Finaces are in order and now it's inspection time. We've opted to do a traditional inspection along with termite & AC. Just because you never know how crazy things can be in Texas.

Mr J and I are now also looking for all sorts of "grown-up" things. Because I guess we've crossed that line into grown-up land. We've been window shopping (and reviewing) a TV for the bedroom, a Lawn Mower & Weed-Wacker, a grill, paint types, living room furniture, and bedroom furniture. Wowza! Things get crazy.

We've also started looking into home insurance, new car insurance, and a bug guy. haha. There's so much that must be done in order to own a home.

And since many of you have been asking I'll share some pictures....

Now let's just keep our fingers crossed that everything goes well. We don't want to count our chickens before they hatch. But I sure hope everything goes well!!!

June 20, 2010

Summer is Funny

Mr. Josh seriously does some of the funniest things. He often dosen't even realize how his actions make me laugh.

This morning Josh woke up and decided he wanted to make us some Raspberry tea. And this time he wanted to be "fancy". Josh decided to mix some of the Lipton powder that he loves along with 2 K-Cups from our Keurig. He mixes them up so proudly. Smiles so sweet. Sits down with a large glass of iced tea.

Me on the other hand and staring at this pitcher full of pink tea with specs in it. I ask J what he thinkgs about it and he says "It's good I think". So I ask him what all those specs are and that's when he tells me about the Keurig Cups... That's when I explain to Josh that in order to use dried teas you have to seep it. haha Or put it through the machine.
Mr J never fails to make me laugh. What a funny summer morning.

June 15, 2010

Pardon My Mess

So I'm really no pro at this whole blogging business... I'm trying to learn some more about formatting and backgrounds and fonts and all that other good stuff. So sorry about all the changes and "mess" going on!

We're 0 for 1

But not discouraged.... We didn't get the house that we put a bid on last week. It's really for the best. It was going to take A LOT of work. And the owner somehow thinks that he is going to get full asking price for a house that needs a TON of work because of all his nasty smoking. Oh well...

We're still on the search... Not upset at all.... we know there will be something perfect out there fore us!!

June 12, 2010

Every 4 Years

Woooooooooooo Hooooooooooo!!!!

This is my favorite time of every 4 years. Even better than the Olympics to me... It's World Cup Time!!!! As of this very moment there have been 3 games played so far in South Africa. I plan on watching as many games as possible and keep my 2 cents. And of course soccer following friends, we all know that each of us have very different opinions of have the games went.

South Africa vs. Mexico - What a way to start the tournament !! This was a pretty fun game to watch. I loved watching the enthusiasm of the South African fans and players. Their excitement was contagious and I found myself wanting a horn to blow in my own house during the game =) Ok now for the game- I thought Mexico put on a good game, but nothing special or over the top. It was the type of play I expected from them. Now I was pleasantly surprised by how South Africa played. They showed a lot more composure than what I expected from them. With a 1-1 draw I think both teams got what they deserved.

Uruguay vs. France- Oh my lordy... this game was slow and not exciting at all. I kept hoping that something great was about to get started, but it never did. I actually fell asleep... enough said. And the 0-0 score was no help to excitement either.
South Korea vs. Greece- I loved this game. South Korea played outstanding. I really enjoyed watching the sportsman shop of this team. They continued to smile, encourage, and support one another. They had creativity in their play and worked really hard. Greece on the other hand was totally uninspiring. They are lucky they only lost 2-0. There were many other opportunities where SK could have come up with a few more. I think part of the reason this game was so exciting was because of the first goal coming in the 7th minute. I look forward to seeing SK play more & hope they continue to do well.

Next game to come Argentina vs. Nigeria (Messi is going to need to pick up his game for sure!)

AND of course the USA vs. England game!!!! Can't wait. Go USA!!!

Journey of the 1st Time Homebuyer (part 1)

Shopping for a house is one of the most rewarding and "grown up" things Josh and I have done. So far we've had a really fun time looking at houses, evaluating floor plans, playing with "the numbers", and of course picturing where we could build our family.

So far we have probablly looked at around 25 houses. And really only liked 2 of them. They were totally different homes - 1 is a 1 story the other a 2 story, 1 huge back yard and the other an average side, one is move in ready the other needs LOTS of work, 1 with many mature trees and the other just baby trees.
But last night Josh and I did the scariest thing we've ever done... put an offer on our 1st house. We aren't sure if we're going to get it or not but over the next couple of days we shall see. The house we chose is a 1 story house w. about 1800 sq ft, great floor plan, wonderful dining room, and a HUGE, I mean REAL HUGE back yard. This is the house that also needs LOTS of work. But we just couldn't resist all the other wonderful features. If we do get this house we'll have to replace all carpet, repaint every wall and ceiling in the whole house, some air duct work, and lots and lots of TLC (probablly a full week's worth of cleaning to be done prior to starting on the other stuff). I'll keep you all posted.

June 7, 2010

Random Update on Life

OK OK I know I've neglected the blog recently. And have been constantly reminded by a few friends =)

So what's new in our lives....

1) I haven't started work just yet, but I do have my new hire meeting on Wednesday. I look forward to learning some more about what I'm suppose to do on Day 1. haha. I hope to get into my classroom soon so I can start planning for next year. Also on the job news- I've started some shopping for books & toys. I've gotten some great things at really good prices. And my mom has been a great shopping buddy!

2) I've recently started working out. My mom and I are now members of Curves. We've been working out really hard for 2 weeks now. Hopefully at our 30 day mark we'll see some results.

3)I'm most excited about this.... House Shopping! We've caught the house bug & are ready to get out of our apartment. It's a lovely place that we live in... but there's just not enough room for me to do "activities". I don't have enough space for crafting or hard-core baking (and all my supplies). So we've started searching for our first home! It's been a really fun process so far. We've narrowed down the location that we want to be in & we've picked a price point. So now all we need to do is find a house that has all our "wants"...well our "Needs" and hopefully a good number of our wants. Just in case you're wondering what we are looking for ... 3+bedroom, at least 2 baths, an open kitchen (want it to be updated), a dining room (we've got a great table from my grandparents), a game room and/or office, a larger yard, & a garage. And our wants include: non-carpet flooring for living spaces, granite/corian counter-tops, backyard have room for a covered patio, Josh wants a cul-de-sac & I'd love to have a front porch. So we'll see how it goes... keep your fingers crossed for us. Phew... so if you find our house let us know =)

4) we've been spending lots of time at the Skalka's house these days. We are loving spending time by the pool & getting to grill. We've also been getting to spend time with Meredith & of course she's loving the pool also.

OK well I think those are the main updates. I promise I'll share some more interesting things soon. I've been working on great recipies, craft projects, DIY projects, & soon some more decorating. Maybe if you're lucky I'll even share some of the houses we're looking at.
Take Care Bloggers

May 12, 2010


My friend Rachel tagged me to participate in a photo game.
Look in your 8th photo folder & Choose the 8th picture in the folder.
Post & explain

This is a picture of some cupcakes I made during a cake decorating class that I made. They were raspberry chocolate chip cupcakes w. chocolate buttercream icing. I love the one with the yellow flowers. It was my first time to make the flowers & I think they turned out great. Sometime I should take some more pictures of new decorated items & compare my skills.
Now I'm Tagging

April 27, 2010

Fort Bend Library

The end of last week I went and checked out the Fort Bend Library in Cinco. It's been there for years... and I'd just never checked it out. It was such a fun experience. I forgot how relaxing library's can be when you're not having to go there to cram for a test or writing a 10 page paper in one night. Since it was just my first visit I just spent some time walking around and checking the place out. I didn't even get a chance to visit the children's section (my all time favorite section of a library). One thing I'll have to get use to is that a library is not set up like a book store. haha. I literally went up and down every aisle just to find where different genres are located. I ended up leaving with 6 books =) Not sure they are all applicable for "read 10 books" but there are def. a few that would work.

April 26, 2010 the rain

A little over a week ago Josh and I made a weekend trip out to Austin to visit our dear friends Jacob & Rebecca (who are getting married in Jan.). Our trip started out with perfect weather, the wind was blowing, sun in our faces, our sweet new sun glasses on... but all that changed after being on the road for about 30 minutes. The skies suddenly turned a grayish-dark blue, clouds were low, and the rain and thunder quickly followed. It stayed like this for majority of our drive their, while visiting, and on our way home. So needless to say, we were unable to take advantage of the best parts of Austin... The OUTDOORS.
While there we had the opportunity to hit up some popular Austin Eateries:

The County Line: This is a BBQ place that was good. I had beef & turkey. I preferred the turkey- it was very moist and slice perfectly. I didn't really care for the potato salad that was served with it. We also had a peach cobbler for dessert. Again it was about average...but still good.
Kerby Lane Cafe: This was my favorite food place of the weekend. They served really fresh, local food. I had a combo that had Pancakes (I got blueberry), a meat (I had sausage), and eggs (so good and fresh). I also had a bite of Josh's potatoes which were also very yummy. It was a heavy breakfast but not greasy like most diners. I would definitely go here again.

Green Mesquite BBQ: This is J&R's favorite place. This is one of those "Hole in the Wall" kinda places. It was fairly crowded even though we were having a later lunch. We sat in a corner booth & started our lunch with a pitcher of Shiner (at a great price!). Jacob and Rebecca ordered their favorite "BBQ Tacos", Josh ordered a burger (he was still full from breakfast), and I ordered a 2 meat plate (Ribs & Brisket). I really enjoyed the ribs, and the brisket was OK ( a little too smokey for my preference). They had a variety of sides but I think the best was the fried okra. In general I thought it was alright... but def a great location in the city & good prices. Oasis: This is an Austin hot spot. Mainly because of it's amazing view & great outdoor seat. Unfortunately, like I already mentioned- the weather was terrible. But we sucked it up for a little while having drinks out on the patio (which is on the 3rd floor of this place). After waiting a good hour the 4 of us got seated. Unfortunately the food left a lot to be desired (which we'd previously heard). I had a large steak salad. And the food was fine, there was nothing wrong with it. But for their prices the food quality definitely didn't match up. I would for sure return to this location for drinks of the bar. But wouldn't choose to eat here again.

Next time we go I'm really looking forward to trying out some cool places we saw while driving around the city like Moroccan food, a good looking Thai place, and many more. There seemed to be some pretty neat places- but the weather just didn't permit us to try these sorts of eateries out.

Aside from eating we also did a tour of the capital building. It was surprisingly a really neat experience. The building was beautiful. The history was very interesting. And it was a really lovely experience.
Also during our visit we went and saw a movie. That is Rebecca & I saw 1 movie and the boys saw another. I cant remember the name of what the boys saw, but us girls saw "The Last Song". It really was a lovely movie. Great story. I can't remember what the boys saw... but R & I came in the last few minutes and it was terrible whatever it was. haha. So glad we opted to see our own movie.

Anyways, our trip was a really fun time. It was great to see our friends (that we haven't seen since the wedding). I look forward to our next trip. Maybe get a hotel in the hill country to be a little closer to some of the little towns surrounding Austin.

Just another Scout

Well as many of you already know, my family is VERY involved in boy scouts (sometimes a little OVER involved). For years I've been doing my best to dodge any large projects for BSA and just help behind the scenes... well this year I've bit the bullet. I'm all official (got cute shirts and everything... and not the regular khaki mess most of the ladies wear... haha). I am helping with one of the Centennial events this year, SHAC Jam. And I am in charge of a program neighborhood called "The Fun Zone". So you guessed it... I pretty much am planning "fun" activities for 500+ scouts an hour (expecting 15-20,000 scouts total). This has started taking up a good amount of my spare time, but that's ok for now.

Having been doing this for 3+ months I'd say I have another thing to check off my "100 things before 25 " and that is becoming a long term volunteer. I feel comfortable calling this a "long term" commitment because the event isn't until October... so I'll be keeping busy at least until then!

Got the Call

So it's official... I finally have a job for next semester. I will be teaching a Life Skills class here in Katy ISD (elementary level). This job is really the perfect fit for me. It's exactly what I was hoping to teach. The school is wonderful. Principal is very helpful. And the members of the special education team (the ones I met at least) were really nice. And a bonus to the job... I'll be at the same school as Lauren (she is Josh's brother's fiance) and she teaches PPCD.


** Lots to Update on**

I've actually been pretty busy this last week. But I'll be getting to it all very soon! Look for it later today & tomorrow.

April 12, 2010

25 Things

So an old classmate of mine, Rachel, did a post of 25 random things on her blog today and I LOVED it. So let's see if I can come up with some equally fun things to share.

1. I love "Everything Bagels". They are seriously my favorite bakery items.

2. I've recently had this desire to start sewing. When I was younger I loved sewing projects with my mom... but then I just stopped. But I'm ready to do it again. Last Thursday I actually bought some really fun fabric to make throw pillows for our bed.

3. I have a new favorite blog to read. Enjoying The Small Things. There is something about her writing style & photography that just make me come back for more day after day.

4. I hate regular coffee. Really I think it tastes terrible. I've tried many times, flavors, add-ins, etc. Too bad...

5. There is something about having a Perfect Day that makes me miss by best friends. I think it's because I wish they were there with me... but it's really kinda depressing when I'm busy having a perfect day & all of a sudden I get sad. But usually a few text messages make it all better.

6. My greatest wish in life is to be a stay at home mom.

7. There's something about David Beckham that makes me get weak at the knees. I think it's a combination of his bad boy look, then having a hot wife, and perfect looking kids, and an outstanding career. I wonder if his life is really as perfect as he makes it appear....

8. Someday I hope to go on an African Safari.

9. The movie "The Notebook" makes me cry (and not a good cry). I love parts of the movie but the parts that make me sad are just too numerous, so I don't like to watch it.

10. I think weddings are magical! But I don't like traditional weddings.... I like it when you can look at a wedding and say "Oh that was so them!!". My favorite part of our wedding was our ceremony. It was just so perfect & US!

11. I've always had a feeling that God wants me to adopt a child someday. It's an odd feeling to have, but I know this is a must do in life!

12. I've never traveled out of the country (other than the Mexican Border). I am actually in the process of getting a Passport.

13. I love listening to live music.... not like big concerts... but just a few musicians singing their heart out (especially with the guitar)

14. I wish I was a good photographer. I love the way that photos look with the perfect lighting, taken at the perfect angle. I'm just not capable of it (maybe someday).

15. Having backyard BBQ's are a favorite past time. There is something about people gathered around a table outside, enjoying company, laughing, talking, eating, drinking... It's just perfect! I can't wait till we get a back yard.

16. Something about turning 24 this year makes me feel old... I guess I just assumed I would have accomplished more by this age. Oh well... can't change the past, only the future.

17. I love antique styling. There is something about mixing antique white, with teal, and pottery, and flowers. I just adore it. I've been trying to figure out how to make my styling not so girly!

18. White Elephant Gift Exchanges are genius. There is something so liberating about being able to "steal" someone else's gift.

19. I'd rather be poor & happy than rich & unhappy.

20. I do not have an I-Phone and have no desire to ever have one! There is something about being connected to the entire world all of the time that is totally unappealing to me. I love the fact that my phone only makes calls & sends text messages (of course it can do more than that... I just choose for it not to).

21. My favorite city is Chicago.

22. Themed parties are simply the funnest things.

23. I have an obsession with stationary. I can't walk out of Target or Michaels without purchasing some type of paper product. I've got more cards, notepads, "lists", even pens than I could ever really need. But I do love that it makes me send my friends & family handwritten letters. B/c I know I ADORE getting things in the mail.

24. I think cats are better than dogs.

25. Sharing a funny story.... So on the morning after the wedding, at about 7:30 am, the fire alarm at our hotel went off. haha it was so funny. First we both thought it was an alarm clock. Then when we realized it wasn't we kinda panicked. Scrambling about trying to get dressed to head down the stair case (which thankfully was really close to our room). We were stuck outside for like an hour. So after the fire department got there and turned off a faulty alarm, we decided to just get dressed (for real... not just slummy clothes) & eat breakfast and then went to our morning after brunch..... So much for sleeping in our honeymoon =) This is a nasty pic of us from 7:30 am. hahaha

April 1, 2010


Today's the day!! First home game for the Dynamos! We are so excited to be season ticket holders. And we are in the 4th row. Woo Hoo. Tonight Josh and I are taking his brother Dates & his fiance Lauren. I'm SOOO excited!!

March 30, 2010

Job Update

So many of you have been asking me what's the news on the job situation so I thought I'd share what I've got...

I have applied at a great private pre-school here in the area. I've had 2 interviews with them and it's gone really well. It's a wonderful facility and I would be really happy working there.

Also, the Katy ISD job fair is coming up at the end of April and there are some great positions becoming available. I've got my resume in the hands of some great people ahead of time, so hopefully we'll start seeing some movement soon!

Currently I am subbing in Katy ISD and have gotten some great experiences and got a chance to meet really neat people & kiddos. So it's been fun, but def. not a long term thing for me!

So keep up with the positive thoughts & prayers as I continue this long search for the perfect job.


Yesterday & Today Josh and I have to opportunity to spend lots of extra time over at his parents house to celebrate Passover. Last night we had a really lovely evening filled with tradition, lots of laughs, and yummy food. I even tried out a new recipe... it came out ok! I don't think I'd make it again... but it was worth a shot.

Toffee-Chocolate Matzah (Martha Stewart)

4 sheets of Matzah

1/2 cup unsalted butter

1 cup packed dark brown sugar

12 oz of semi-sweet chocolate chips

1. Preheat oven to 250 degrees

2. line baking sheet with parchment paper & place matzah in an even layer on baking sheet

3. melt butter in a saucepan over medium-low heat. Add brown sugar and immediately reduce temperature to low. Cook, stirring, adjusting heat as necessary, until sugar has completely dissolved and begins to bubble. Drizzle toffee over matzah and spread to cover using a spatula.

4. Transfer toffee-covered matzah to oven and bake until toffee has a rich, shiny sheen, 10 to 20 minutes. Remove from oven and sprinkle with chocolate chips. Tent matzah with aluminum foil and let stand 20 to 30 minutes.

5. Remove foil tent and spread melted chocolate over matzah to cover; sprinkle with sea salt. Transfer matzah to refrigerator and let chill at least 2 hours.

6. Break chilled matzah into pieces. Matzah will keep in an airtight container for up to 4 days at room temperature.


Josh insisted that we use white chocolate. So I melted down the chocolate & spread over the Matzah. I also sprinkled walnuts on some of it, Heath Bar bits on other, & left some plain.

I didn't make anything special for tonight. But I may try out some new things for Josh for the rest of the week. I came across a really great blog today called Cara's Cravings. She's got a lot of great Passover Recipes listed. So we'll see what I get to the rest of the week.

March 29, 2010

Checking off my List

Well It's been awhile since I gave an update on how I'm doing on my 25 by 25 list- so here's the quick update....
1) I have lost 5lbs. Today I am actually starting a new program to help this along. It's called the Couch to 5 K .
4) Long-term Volunteer- Well I've always volunteered with Boy Scouts of America. But I've finally taken on a position of my own =)
5) Run a 5k - well the training begins today!! So I'll be looking for a race to partake in in a few months.
17) Read 10 books.... well I'm having trouble with this one. I've only read 1 book from start to finish so far. But I've read a few chapters of a couple different books, but they just don't keep me interested. So I'm going to work harder on my book selection. I wonder if cook books count! haha
22) Outside activities- we've been doing good!! Over the weekend we actually went fishing at a local lake. It was really fun.
25) still debt free!!

Ok that's all I've got on those. I'll be working harder & staying focused.

In other news... My friend Meredith came in town & we had a lovely visit. I've got my fingers crossed that she'll get this job. It'd be nice to have another friend in town.

Josh and I have a trip planned to to Austin in a few weeks. We are so excited to see our dear friends Jacob & Rebecca who recently got engaged. You may remember them from our wedding =)

Also, we got our wedding album in the mail & it's absolutely wonderful. I'll have to take some pictures of it to put up for you all to see!!

That's all I've got time for now. But I'll get some other things up soon. I've got lots of other things to share. Until then, I hope you all are enjoying SPRING! It's a beautiful time of year & reminds us all to appreciate the beauty of our wonderful world.

March 16, 2010

Local Biz Report

So I've sorta been MIA lately, and decided today I had some blog-worthy info to share. We had a ladies lunch (and shopping outing) today. We decided to try some new shops in Old Katy. And boy where they good!!

First we went to The Cottage Door for some fun shopping! They've always got a nice selection of Vera Bradley gear along with Brighton, Pandora, and many more!! They had a special going on today that if you make a VB purchase you can get a VB wallet for $15. It was a pretty sweet deal. So We purchased Brittany a lovely surprise (that she'll soon get in the mail), mom got a new pair of 'readers', and then we got 2 of the wallets (both in the same pattern). VB has some really classy new styles out. My new favorites are "Sittin' in a Tree" and "Poppy Fields"

After this we headed over to the Cottage Charm area for some food & dessert at some local eateries. We had lunch at a cute new place called Please&Thank You Home Cooking. It is really a lovely location. It has a combination of miss-matched tables, chairs, and centerpieces. I seriously LOVED it. It seemed as though the decor had been chosen by rummaging through a grandmothers garage. Very charming! After ordering our drinks we started our search through their pretty full menu (which is great for a new place). They've got a wide variety of soups, salads, & sandwiches. They've also got a casserole of the day along with a meatloaf place. So of course myself, mom, and Susie had to sample a little bit of Everything! I ordered the Meatloaf & a baked potato side. Mom ordered the baked spaghetti & a salad (with homemade buttermilk ranch). Susie got the Chicken Tortilla Soup & a Chicken Salad Sandwich. Everything was really yummy! I think my favorite thing was Susie's Tortilla soup. I'd heard their soups were good and they sure didn't disappoint.
Next we walked next-door for some Cupcakes from Frosted Betty. Mom and I tried 2 flavors last week. So today the 3 of us ladies purchased 6 cupcakes! haha. We did not eat them all though. We did try the carrot cake w. cream cheese icing (very yummy!! amazing icing), lemon cake w. lemon icing (also very good, not too sweet, and the cake part was perfectly moist), chocolate cake w salted caramel icing (this was alright... the salted caramel part was really yummy but the cake left a bit to be desired in terms of denseness&moisture), and lastly a banana fosters cake w. a lighter cream cheese icing (cake was perfection!).

We had such a lovely time at these Katy locations. We really hope to find & try more local businesses. haha I can say that this is one New Years Resolution that I've really kept up with... Support Local Business. No need for the chain stuff (except Target, Michael's, and Home Goods of course) haha.

February 26, 2010

Thank You UTT

So here I am 2 months & 1 week after graduation & I'm finally almost finished with UT Tyler. haha And I mean that in the best of ways. As of today I've FINALLY gotten my recommendation for teacher certification. There was some hold up due to me student teaching in a different area & UTT didn't have me fill out some necessary paperwork. But it's all said & done now! I should receive my certification soon. For those of you who don't know I completed my degree in Interdisciplinary Studies & am certified to teacher Early Childhood (EC)- 4th grade as a generalist teacher and also EC-12 in Special Education. I also received my diploma this week which was also very exciting. I look forward to getting that all framed up to hang with Josh's.

Although I have been applying for teaching positions over the last few months; I came out empty handed (except for subbing). BUT recently many of the local school districts have released the dates of their job fairs for the 2010-2011 school year. I am really looking forward to these job hunting experiences. My 1st pick of positions would be in PPCD (Pre-School Programs for Children with Disabilities) but mainly I want to work in special education & prefer to work with the students with severe and profound disabilities. But we'll see how the job hunting process works out. I'll be sure to keep you guys updated!

**in my next post I hope to share some stories & pictures from our Mini-Moon (short honeymoon) trip!

Think Before You Act

So I've recently realized that many people in my age group , let's say ages 18-25, are very inconsiderate. And honestly I can't decide if these people do it on purpose or if they honestly don't know the proper way to act. So I figured I'd outline a few of the correct ways to handle some situations. Note: not all of these things have happened to me personally- but I have been witness to them recently (and some many times).

- If you tell someone that you will be somewhere at 5 o'clock- it is better to be there a few minutes early. But if you are running more than 5-10minutes(tops)- then call the person (not text) and just let them know. OR if you know that you will be running late... call them in advance. It is a terrible thing to be sitting around waiting on someone!!

- If someone gives you a gift then you need to write them a thank you note. It doesn't have to be something long & drawn out. But you do need to show your appreciation. And boys this includes you!!! And especially don't forget to send one to your grandma...they remember (as do others).

- If you say you are going to do something, then you need to do it! Example- if you tell your roommate you will pick up milk on the way home, then pick it up! Or if you tell your mother you will dog sit for her- then you need to do it!! Now, if something comes up (which things to happen) then simply call the person you were going to help out, let them know the situation, and come up with a solution. Simple!

- If an invitation you receive asks for an RSVP- then do it!! And do it as early as possible. When hosting a party it is vital to know about how many people to expect.

- Also, if you RSVP to an event & you need to change your response, then you need to get ahold of the host ASAP and let them know. When you RSVP "yes" to an event and then don't show up you are costing your friend money!! A simple phone call / email could save your friend/hostess money! Consider this... You may have said you could come to a friends BBQ & then you bail last minute (with no good reason)- well your friend spent money buying enough food for you, enough drinks for you, etc. (This could easily cost $5-15 dollars). Now consider this... you told your friend that you could attend their wedding & then you decide not to show up... now you are costing your host (and friend) a BIG chunk of change... let's break it down. Let's say the food per person is $40 and alcohol pp is $22 and chair rental is $2.50 and cake per slice is $4.50 and napkin rental is ($1). Add that up: 40+22+2.50+4.50+1 = $70. So you cost your friend $70. How would you feel if you paid for someone to NOT show up?? How would you feel if your friend were to send you a bill for this $70??

- Don't wear Jeans to a wedding unless you are 100% sure that this type of attire will be considered acceptable. If you are unsure ask someone in the bridal party. But don't just show up like that. And yes people do notice. And yes some people do care. And yes people will be talking about you! "... Who is the guy in the jeans? I can't believe that they would wear that to a formal wedding."

- If you are not invited to a party/wedding don't get your panties ruffled. These type of events cost MONEY! Also just b/c you weren't invited doesn't mean that you are unliked. It just means that they weren't able to invite you. Sometimes the reason may be the amount of space available, could be budget, could be a person decision to have a small event. etc. Just take it like a champ and get over it! Also, DO NOT INVITE YOURSELF! I REPEAT DO NOT INVITE YOURSELF. Also, do not just show up. At planned events there may not even be a seat available for you! It is very inappropriate to just show up! Think about it... how would you feel if someone just showed up at a very intimate date with your girlfriend/boyfriend & then expected you to pay for it. That is almost equivalent to you just showing up at some one's wedding.

- If someone calls you & you don't answer... you do need to return their call (especially if they leave a message). They may have just wanted to say hello, but at least call them back and check.

- A phone conversation is much better than a text. And a IN PERSON conversation is much better than all of the above.

- Do not post personal business on facebook. Especially don't post someone else's personal information on their facebook. A recent example I saw on someones facebook: "Hey Ashley I heard from your brother that you are pregnant." Now it's very sweet that this person wanted to wish them well... But It really wasn't this posters place to share this information with all the world.

-Your parents are on facebook! Get over-it. We've heard for years that you should never have things on your facebook that you wouldn't want your mom or grandma to see.... well that day is here. Clean it up! Get over it! Esp. b/c no one wanted to see your drunken pictures of you making out with a random guy at the bar anyways!

- Hand write a letter! It's ok... You'll remember how to form the letters when you touch the pen to the paper. Sometimes it's best to write your mother or good friend a handwritten letter.

Ok well I think that's enough for now! But really folks... just think before you act. Think about how you would feel in each of these situations. Think about how your actions have an impact on others. We all make mistakes and that's fine. We're HUMAN! But always do your best to act right!

February 21, 2010

Keepin Busy

Well this week was a bit more of what I am used to in my life. At least a little busy. It's nice to see my schedule filling up. Because I am terrible at sitting at home & doing nothing (aka trying not to spend money).

Starting on Tuesday- I took my first substitute job in Katy ISD. I worked an elementary Life Skills position. And it was tons of fun. And close to home. Oh and I had my caking class again & made some really cute cupcakes.

Wed & Thur- I ran around w mom as we tried to get all the last minute details ready for the Centennial Celebration at Minute Maid (boy scout thing). We made trips to the scout shop (both days I think), Arnies ( I got some new baking stuff), the mall (had to pick up a bridal shower gift) & lunch of course!! Then Thursday night we had the event. And it was pretty neat.

Friday- I spent the day trying to fix our Cricut. If your not familiar with this crafting machine you should look it up. It's only the greatest craft invention since the scissor. Well anyways- our LCD screen has the Black Screen of Death (at least that's what I'm calling it). After spending time on the phone with customer service & countless hours googleing possible fixes I've become very discouraged. I'm thinking that we may end up having to get a new machine- unless I can somehow figure out how to fix it (wish me luck).

Also on Friday I spent an hour or 2 working on my buttercream roses for class. They are improving but definitely not really brag worthy. When I get a little better I'll post some pictures. For now they look more like wilting carnations than a rose.

Saturday- I finally attended a Gamma Phi Beta Alumnae event here in Houston. It was nice to meet up with these ladies. There were only maybe 2 other girls under the age of 30- but hopefully I can drag a fellow sister (who lives in Houston) to the next event with me. The main theme of this event was a book review. The owner from a local bookstore (Blue Willow Bookshop) came & gave us 2010 must read list! Just to share a few:

Pastry Queen Parties by Rebecca Rather (this is a cookbook & the author owns a place out in Fredricksburg, TX)
The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan
Little Bee by Chris Cleave
The Post Mistress by Sara Blake
The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz

And for Children's books:
Sugar Cookies by Amy Krause Rosenthal (Cookies is a children's collection)
Cupcake by Cherise Harper ( I will be purchasing this... VERY CUTE!!)

Also on Saturday Josh's company had a work party. It was a really lovely time. I met a few new faces (2 of the guys wives) and then had a great time chatting with some ladies I've met before (and have lots of crafting hobbies in common with).

Phew...Finally to Sunday- we had been dog sitting my parents doggies while they were out camping & one of the doggies had a MAJOR accident... and it was TERRIBLE!!! So Josh and I spent the morning cleaning that shit up (literally). But then we treated ourselves with a yummy breakfast & lunch out!! Then later in the day I went to a wonderful Bridal Shower for Rebecca (Austin's fiance). and THEN we had Austin over for dinner & watching the hockey game. WAY TO GO USA!!!
Well I must get ready for bed in hopes of another long & productive week!
Take Care

February 14, 2010

Remember to love

Valentines Day is such an iffy "holiday" for me. Whenever I think of love- I don't for one second think about giving my friends/family/husband things like chocolates or balloons or fancy dinners or flowers or anything like that. To me those are all materialistic items that can't even stand close to representing the kind of love I have for people.
I can't understand why some women get so upset if their significant other doesn't plan the "perfect" day for them. And I feel terrible for the poor men that have to dish out gifts to "prove their love". I mention these things because they are real conversations that I've heard take place over the last week. Valentines Day shouldn't be about the perfect gift. But more about the perfect love. I just don't understand a "material" love!
Now I don't hate Valentines Day at all. I actually really enjoy the idea of a holiday centered around love. It actually is a good reminder of the way that we should treat our loved ones every day. There are times when life is just so busy you forget to have time for love. It doesn't take long to just call your husband or your friend or your mom & just let them know that you were thinking of them & that you are thankful to have them in your life. For me this Valentines Day has reminded me that I must always take the time to let people know that I love them. A phone call, a note, a picture, even a text (just not all the time) - just don't forget to send your love!

So to all my friends & family - I love you! I can't thank you enough for being in my life - For teaching me lessons, for making me smile, for your company, and for just being you!

February 10, 2010

Oh Sugar Sugar

Boy do I love to bake!! And honestly one of the best parts for me is that I don't eat much of it =) I like to bake for others. I've been sending Josh to work with yummy things almost everyday for the last 2 weeks. From what I hear the shop boys are LOVING it all!!

Well onto the creations... Yesterday I had to opportunity to bake a yummy cake for my decorating class that I'm taking. My favorite part of the cake is actually the cake and not the icing like many others I know, so I put some extra thought into the batter. So my flavor yesterday was a strawberry & pineapple cake with a coconut & cream filling. From what I hear it was delightful!! In class our assignment was a rainbow =) so I had to prepare a 5 different colors of icing to create the design. I was actually really happy with the way the colors came out (especially compared to some of my other classmates). I feel like I've got the "starring" technique down pretty well. One thing I learned in glass was how to transfer a design from paper ontop the cake using wax paper and piping gel- and it was really easy. I'm looking forward to trying out some other designs in the near future.

Now onto the yummy goodness that I'm most excited about. Josh had found a recipe at his parents house the other day and he snatched it and asked me to make it. Best part is... It's made with box mix. They are called Black&White Brownie Cupcakes. They are made by using the Dark Chocolate Ghiradelli Brownie Mix and baking them as cupcakes & then putting a cream cheese mixture ontop before cooking. Anyways... here are these delish treats!!

Well that's all the sweets I've got for now. But I'll be sure to share more as I make them!

February 8, 2010

Good News All Around

When I woke up this morning I thought it was going to be a blah & crummy day. My allergies have been a mess. The weather was to be yucky. And I just happened to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. But thankfully my day turned around. I met my mom for a morning walk with Boatis around the lake. We enjoyed our time just chit chatting and being proud of our exercise time.

Later in the day I went back over to my moms and we were very productive (always easier to do with a buddy). I finally got Thank You notes in the mail!! So be checking your mail boxes in the next few days. Mom and I also got some little packages in the mail for The Hutt's, my dear friend Brittany, and Beth/Marc/Liza! You would have died if you'd seen us in the line at the post office. We come in with boxes & 50+envelopes that all had different weights. haha the lady was so helpful and didn't seem annoyed at all at having to weigh all my notes & help me get the right postage on them. I love it when we get great customer service. We finished the day up with some random errands.

Great Deals to Share: Right now Old Navy has some lace camis on sale for $2 !! I was pretty pumped. Unfortunately our store was out of almost every color. But I didn't care. I bought 2. Great Deal!! Also... Don't forget that Tomorrow (2/9) is Free GrandSlam day.

3 really good things happened just this evening. 1) I got to talk to my friend Brittany. It was wonderful. Seriously made my day...maybe even week. 2) When I checked my email when I got home I found a message with my login and password for the substituting database. So hopefully I'll be able to start taking jobs in the next couple days. Woo Hoo. And Number Tres)... I FINALLY found the cord to my camera (well Tom's camera that I jacked awhile ago and have made my own) haha.

I'm leaving you with some shots of pre-wedding festivities

February 6, 2010

Bake My Day

So I've recently revisited a once loved hobby of mine... baking! I love everything about baking/cooking. Therefore I decided to take a cake decorating class. I'm really excited about it and have already learned some great techniques after class #1. I'll try to post pictures each week when I completed my new creations. I've also started baking Josh and the Shop Boys lots of treats. This week alone I sent a cake, cupcakes, and muffins. And apparently the guys have been asking what the next treat will be. haha So it's time to get creative =)

Last week I ordered pictures off of Shutterfly (I had free prints) and I've finally gotten them in. So I've got them organized, some into albums, and many others into Thank You Notes (which should be going out this week).

I'm so excited to share with you all that Josh got a raise this week. I'm so proud of him. He's been working really hard & learning a lot. It's so nice to see this hard work pay off.
Me...I'll hopefully start substituting this week. I'm still in "waiting" while Katyisd gets all the paperwork done. But hopefully I'll be good to go this week.

Another new goal of mine is to become a Coupon Pro. haha. I've recently found a couple blogs online that are really inspiring to me- and are teaching me how to use coupons along with weekly sales to get some awesome deals!! PennyPile is my favorite. I've also learned about E-Coupons, which are coupons that are loaded directly to your Kroger & Randalls cards. Currently the sites to load these type of coupons are Cellfire and Shortcuts. But I'm sure more sites will start popping up & more stores will have something like this.

Hopefully I'll have time to post more tomorrow. And I really hope to find my camera cord so I can start posting pictures again. I still owe some people pictures of the new apartment! So if I can't find the cord today, I may go buy a new one tomorrow.

January 30, 2010

Married Life Update

So it's been far too long since our last update. And it's not for a lack of things going on. Honestly... it's because I'd been waiting to take pictures. But too bad I can't find the camera cord for uploading. It apparently got lost during the move or something. Anyways, here are the highlights....

** All moved into the apartment. It is really nice looking inside. And we are so glad all our furniture looks so good in here. We were also able to spend a good chunk of our wedding gift cards buying new stuff for the place. Some of our new additions include: 2 end tables, bookshelf, entertainment center, a trunk, bathroom accessories, kitchen accessories, & lots of random odds-n-ends from Target & JcPennys.

** I finally finished all of my substitute "training". It's been a long process. It is honestly harder to become a substitute in Katyisd than it is to be a teacher in many districts. But anyways, I'll hopefully begin subbing at the end of this week or beginning of the next (still processing paperwork).

** I am on to book #2 (of my 10 before age 25)

** Josh and I are loving all of our new kitchen gadgets. And we've been having friends and family over as often as possible to enjoy it all. It's so nice to be able to use our own stuff again. We'd forgotten how nice it is to be able to cook dinner and clean "our" own way (not that anyone else's is bad...we just prefer our own).

** Josh is staying busy at work. Working long days. But hopefully a promotion & raise are in his near future. This week I think is when he gets certification in "state inspections". That's cool for him I guess =)

** Today we went to the Houston Auto Show. It was.... alright. We had a really good time. But the actual show was a bit small & didn't have the best quality of cars. We were able to meet up with my brother Joe for the show & he took us to a yummy burger place down near his place.

I think that's all for now. I promise I'll get pictures up as soon as possible! (as soon as I find the cable).

January 19, 2010

Keys Already

Wow! This apartment is moving very fast. We were planning on waiting till the start of the new month- but the apartment complex offered us free rent for the rest of the month. So we get our keys on Wednesday. During the week we will start moving over the "stuff" and our new furniture. And then over the weekend we'll get some help from our brothers to move over our bedroom furniture & couches. I can't wait to get it all set up.

Susie (Josh's Mom) & I were able to go into the actual apartment Josh are getting & it is SO nice. Almost like new. The carpet is awesome, vaulted ceilings, clean kitchen, & it smells good =) Our stuff is going to fit in their perfectly.

We do have LOTS of shopping to do over the next few days. Which will be LOTS of fun. Tonight Josh and I are going to get The Big Ass TV (which is really more like a normal size... but that's big to us), Living Room Furniture (TV stand, Bookshelf, 2 side tables, & trunk-coffee table). We also are getting some remaining items off our registry: kitchenaid utensil set, trashcan, a few bathroom items, & baskets! It's going to be really fun! I don't think we will have ever spent that much money in one day.Stay tuned for pictures! We'll hopefully get some loaded soon.

On a different note, I was able to get that application submitted yesterday & a letter into the principal. xx FINGERS CROSSED xx

And while we nailing down apartment details we (aka "I") had a chance to finish almost all of our Thank You Notes. So that's a major accomplishment. But we can't send them out yet- I'm waiting to get the disc of our wedding pictures, so I can print a few to put in peoples notes.

Last thought.... I hope you all continue to pray for the individuals effected by the Haiti earthquake. Not only the victims but all the rescuers that are working around the clock to help this country. Also, don't forget the victims in California who are dealing with massive mud slides.

January 17, 2010

Time for Change Already

Well Josh and I had been trying to decide what the best housing option for us would be. And over the weekend we found the most lovely apartment! Best news is... it's way below our budget, so we'll have lots of leftovers to play with =)
Our new home will be at the Lakemont apartments in Richmond. Although it's considered Richmond- we are literally 5 minutes from the Skalka's House & 15(tops) from the Huttenhoff's. It's at a perfect location.

Hopefully we'll be moving in sometime in the next week or 2. We should hear tomorrow when ours will be available. We can't wait to have you all over to visit!

Since we are moving- we figured, what a better time to buy some new furniture & electronics. I think that Josh has picked out a BIG ASS TV that is to his liking. And I've picked out some new living room furniture. We are still looking for a headboard that would compliment our antique bedroom set (silly me ruined the sets headboard while I was in middle school- who would have thought I'd be kicking myself over it all these years later). So we will stay on the hunt for that & also we are looking to find a cool trunk to use as a coffee table.
Here are some pictures of the Thomasville TV stand & bookshelf that we plan on getting
It was really fun today, Josh and I started going back through some of our stuff from our Tyler house as well as lots of our new stuff from the wedding. We can't wait to get it all unloaded. Now we just have to start making all our lists of what else we need.
Oh and I forgot to mention... there is an elementary school RIGHT across the street from our complex (literally walking distance) and there is currently an opening for an elementary life skills teacher. This would be a great job for me. So I'm going to get working on the application & keep my fingers crossed (you cross yours too!!)
That's all for now!

January 15, 2010

A Rainy Day (and weekend)

Well I'm sorta bummed... I didn't realize that the weather was going to be this crummy. I was really hoping that we could get to the Houston Zoo. We got a membership for Christmas from my mom and dad! We may be have a game night & cook something fun again!

Pizza night was really fun. Josh and I are pretty talented at making some kick butt grub.

We got all our pro pics in! If you want to check them out go here:
Password is: joshlovesanna

Over the last couple days I've started looking into ideas for my grandparents(s) 50th wedding anniversary parties! That's right, both sets of my grandparents will be celebrating 50 years of marriage this year. And actually on the same day! Right now we are planning for the Huttenhoff's party to be in Chicago during July, while the Walsh's will be sometime in June here in Katy. But we will see, we're still in the early planning stages. If you've got any suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Well that's all for now! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend

January 14, 2010

The Daily Grind

Well still no news on job offers. But, today I had to take my substitute "test" and had my interview. I should be able to start subbing in Katy in the next week or 2. They've got a very lengthy process to become a sub unfortunately. I also am starting to apply at some private pre-schools in the area. Hopefully I can find something soon... I'm kinda getting bored at home for now.

Today on facebook I noticed that our photographer Blogged more of our wedding day pictures. Woo Hoo!! They came out wonderfully. I cant wait to order prints & get our album set up!

On a down side, Boatis had a bad day. For some reason he decided that he was going to bark and chase down the cleaning lady. It appeared to be unprovoked. So I went ahead and put him in his kennel just to give him a break and a chance to calm down. Well 30 minutes when the lady started cleaning the room that his kennel is in, he went ape shit again!! Barking, growling, and ramming his sweet little self into the front of the kennel. I guess our precious dog is not cured of his hostile ways. He has been in "time out" for the rest of the afternoon. He is in serious need of an attitude adjustment! We may have to take him back to his trainer Malcom sooner than expected!!
Tonight Josh and I are having a stay-at-home date! We will be making pizza! Yummy. Hopefully it'll taste good!

January 11, 2010

Loving Life

Well we've got no complaints.Over the weekend we spent time just hanging out and having fun.

We did get a chance to start following one of our new years resolutions of supporting small business here in Katy. On Sat we ate a pizza place called Mazzei's. It was really good. They've just become a "sit-down" sorta place and we were really impressed with the quality of food. Definitely somewhere we'd go back to. Then on Sunday for lunch we went to another new place in Katy called Gator's Cajun Cafe. The food here was ok. It wasn't bad but nothing very impressive. Glad we tried it though.

Well I'm "officially" a Skalka. I got my name changed today! Thankfully the line at the DMV wasn't too long. I'm not really looking forward to tackling the Social Security office though. So I may put that off for awhile.

I did start my new book today. I've chosen for my first book of the year to be Against Medical Advice by James Patterson & Hal Friedman. It's a really nice read. I'm already 150pages in. haha. It would be some sort of record if I somehow finished by tomorrow. It's about a child's battle with Tourette's Syndrome. Very interesting & written in the child's point of view. Love IT!
And I can't help but shout-out to one of my dearest friends Keeley who announced her pregnancy to the world today!!!I couldn't be more excited for her and her wonderful husband. They will be the best parents. Love you both & wish I could jump on a plane to Germany to come give you a big hug!

I'll leave you all with another wonderful photo from the wedding

January 8, 2010

Highlights Video

Well today in the mail we got 2 wonderful surprises: 1 was our marriage license (now I can start changing my name and license and all that good stuff) and the other thing was our wedding video. It is just wonderful.
Here is a highlights video that is available online. It's by our wonderful videographer Rusty Bryce.


25 Before 25

Everyone has their life to do lists. But I am better at shorter term goals. So I've compiled a list of 25 things I really want to do by the time I'm 25. Just to make the goals clear for everyone, that gives me about 20 months. Many of these I hope to accomplish quickly- while others will require time, cooperation, and money!

1. Lose 50 pounds
2. Have a full time job
3. Buy a house
4. Become a long-term volunteer with an organization
5. Run in a 5k
6. Host a holiday!
7. Go to another country
8. Put together a "history" photobook for my dad of his scouting career
9. Go to a winery
10. Take a cooking class
11. Help put on a large event (gala, wedding, large party, etc)
12. Learn how to use photoshop (or similar program)
13. Finish a scrapbook
14. Make a quilt
15. Have seen all of my immediate aunts, uncles, and cousins
16. Go on a Cruise
17. Read at least 10 ENTIRE books (real books not childrens books) <0/10>
18. Learn how to change my own tire / basic maintenance on my car
19. Take a vacation with my mom
20. Refinish furniture
21. Learn how to use fondant (and have it look good) =)
22. An outside activity at least once a month (fishing, camping, hiking, etc.)
23. Not eat out for a full month
24. Spend a week with no computer access (by choice)
25. Stay Debt Free!

January 7, 2010

Just For Starters

One of my New Years Resolutions is to do a better job keeping in touch with family and friends. This has been difficult because currently we don't live near many of our extended family or friends. But the goal is to keep people in the loop of what I'm up to, new projects I'm working on, and my random life in general!

My biggest news, as all of you know, is that Josh and I finally got married. We got married in Katy at The Tuscany Villa. It was an absolutely wonderful day full of love, laughter, and lots of family and friends! Simply put... It was PERFECT! We looked Awesome, our best friends were there, the food was yummy, Cake was delicious, flowers were stunning, dancing was so fun, and at the end of the night we were husband and wife!

I've gotten some non-pro pictures so far from some friends (but I'll share some of those later). But in the mean time, if you've got some pictures to share please share them with us on our snapfish room. Let's see um PLEASE :)

But I do want to leave you with a teaser picture from our photographer Julie Wilhite