January 19, 2010

Keys Already

Wow! This apartment is moving very fast. We were planning on waiting till the start of the new month- but the apartment complex offered us free rent for the rest of the month. So we get our keys on Wednesday. During the week we will start moving over the "stuff" and our new furniture. And then over the weekend we'll get some help from our brothers to move over our bedroom furniture & couches. I can't wait to get it all set up.

Susie (Josh's Mom) & I were able to go into the actual apartment Josh are getting & it is SO nice. Almost like new. The carpet is awesome, vaulted ceilings, clean kitchen, & it smells good =) Our stuff is going to fit in their perfectly.

We do have LOTS of shopping to do over the next few days. Which will be LOTS of fun. Tonight Josh and I are going to get The Big Ass TV (which is really more like a normal size... but that's big to us), Living Room Furniture (TV stand, Bookshelf, 2 side tables, & trunk-coffee table). We also are getting some remaining items off our registry: kitchenaid utensil set, trashcan, a few bathroom items, & baskets! It's going to be really fun! I don't think we will have ever spent that much money in one day.Stay tuned for pictures! We'll hopefully get some loaded soon.

On a different note, I was able to get that application submitted yesterday & a letter into the principal. xx FINGERS CROSSED xx

And while we nailing down apartment details we (aka "I") had a chance to finish almost all of our Thank You Notes. So that's a major accomplishment. But we can't send them out yet- I'm waiting to get the disc of our wedding pictures, so I can print a few to put in peoples notes.

Last thought.... I hope you all continue to pray for the individuals effected by the Haiti earthquake. Not only the victims but all the rescuers that are working around the clock to help this country. Also, don't forget the victims in California who are dealing with massive mud slides.

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