June 29, 2010

House Update

Just wanted to let you all know how things were going on our end....

Simply put... It's going GREAT!!

The inspection went really well. Nothing too major. We'll have a few things to do- but nothing we can't handle.

We are so excited. I can hardly handle it. But I certainly have been getting a taste of home ownership already... I've been talking with the loan officer, and home insurance companies, and all that good stuff. And ::phew:: it's so exhausting. But we've been getting great news all around.

We also have been working on shopping. I'm still looking for the perfect couch and kitchen table. Josh is still looking for the perfect lawn mower and new tv for the bedroom.

We can not wait to have everyone over to enjoy it with us. The 2 porches are definitely calling my name.

Soon I'll post some pictures of paint colors we've choosen, some of our furniture selections, and all that good stuff.

Hope you all are doing well and loving the 2nd half of the summer!

June 25, 2010

We got it!!

Well we sorta got it. We have finally agreed on a price and terms of the contract. And things are looking great. Finaces are in order and now it's inspection time. We've opted to do a traditional inspection along with termite & AC. Just because you never know how crazy things can be in Texas.

Mr J and I are now also looking for all sorts of "grown-up" things. Because I guess we've crossed that line into grown-up land. We've been window shopping (and reviewing) a TV for the bedroom, a Lawn Mower & Weed-Wacker, a grill, paint types, living room furniture, and bedroom furniture. Wowza! Things get crazy.

We've also started looking into home insurance, new car insurance, and a bug guy. haha. There's so much that must be done in order to own a home.

And since many of you have been asking I'll share some pictures....

Now let's just keep our fingers crossed that everything goes well. We don't want to count our chickens before they hatch. But I sure hope everything goes well!!!

June 20, 2010

Summer is Funny

Mr. Josh seriously does some of the funniest things. He often dosen't even realize how his actions make me laugh.

This morning Josh woke up and decided he wanted to make us some Raspberry tea. And this time he wanted to be "fancy". Josh decided to mix some of the Lipton powder that he loves along with 2 K-Cups from our Keurig. He mixes them up so proudly. Smiles so sweet. Sits down with a large glass of iced tea.

Me on the other hand and staring at this pitcher full of pink tea with specs in it. I ask J what he thinkgs about it and he says "It's good I think". So I ask him what all those specs are and that's when he tells me about the Keurig Cups... That's when I explain to Josh that in order to use dried teas you have to seep it. haha Or put it through the machine.
Mr J never fails to make me laugh. What a funny summer morning.

June 15, 2010

Pardon My Mess

So I'm really no pro at this whole blogging business... I'm trying to learn some more about formatting and backgrounds and fonts and all that other good stuff. So sorry about all the changes and "mess" going on!

We're 0 for 1

But not discouraged.... We didn't get the house that we put a bid on last week. It's really for the best. It was going to take A LOT of work. And the owner somehow thinks that he is going to get full asking price for a house that needs a TON of work because of all his nasty smoking. Oh well...

We're still on the search... Not upset at all.... we know there will be something perfect out there fore us!!

June 12, 2010

Every 4 Years

Woooooooooooo Hooooooooooo!!!!

This is my favorite time of every 4 years. Even better than the Olympics to me... It's World Cup Time!!!! As of this very moment there have been 3 games played so far in South Africa. I plan on watching as many games as possible and keep my 2 cents. And of course soccer following friends, we all know that each of us have very different opinions of have the games went.

South Africa vs. Mexico - What a way to start the tournament !! This was a pretty fun game to watch. I loved watching the enthusiasm of the South African fans and players. Their excitement was contagious and I found myself wanting a horn to blow in my own house during the game =) Ok now for the game- I thought Mexico put on a good game, but nothing special or over the top. It was the type of play I expected from them. Now I was pleasantly surprised by how South Africa played. They showed a lot more composure than what I expected from them. With a 1-1 draw I think both teams got what they deserved.

Uruguay vs. France- Oh my lordy... this game was slow and not exciting at all. I kept hoping that something great was about to get started, but it never did. I actually fell asleep... enough said. And the 0-0 score was no help to excitement either.
South Korea vs. Greece- I loved this game. South Korea played outstanding. I really enjoyed watching the sportsman shop of this team. They continued to smile, encourage, and support one another. They had creativity in their play and worked really hard. Greece on the other hand was totally uninspiring. They are lucky they only lost 2-0. There were many other opportunities where SK could have come up with a few more. I think part of the reason this game was so exciting was because of the first goal coming in the 7th minute. I look forward to seeing SK play more & hope they continue to do well.

Next game to come Argentina vs. Nigeria (Messi is going to need to pick up his game for sure!)

AND of course the USA vs. England game!!!! Can't wait. Go USA!!!

Journey of the 1st Time Homebuyer (part 1)

Shopping for a house is one of the most rewarding and "grown up" things Josh and I have done. So far we've had a really fun time looking at houses, evaluating floor plans, playing with "the numbers", and of course picturing where we could build our family.

So far we have probablly looked at around 25 houses. And really only liked 2 of them. They were totally different homes - 1 is a 1 story the other a 2 story, 1 huge back yard and the other an average side, one is move in ready the other needs LOTS of work, 1 with many mature trees and the other just baby trees.
But last night Josh and I did the scariest thing we've ever done... put an offer on our 1st house. We aren't sure if we're going to get it or not but over the next couple of days we shall see. The house we chose is a 1 story house w. about 1800 sq ft, great floor plan, wonderful dining room, and a HUGE, I mean REAL HUGE back yard. This is the house that also needs LOTS of work. But we just couldn't resist all the other wonderful features. If we do get this house we'll have to replace all carpet, repaint every wall and ceiling in the whole house, some air duct work, and lots and lots of TLC (probablly a full week's worth of cleaning to be done prior to starting on the other stuff). I'll keep you all posted.

June 7, 2010

Random Update on Life

OK OK I know I've neglected the blog recently. And have been constantly reminded by a few friends =)

So what's new in our lives....

1) I haven't started work just yet, but I do have my new hire meeting on Wednesday. I look forward to learning some more about what I'm suppose to do on Day 1. haha. I hope to get into my classroom soon so I can start planning for next year. Also on the job news- I've started some shopping for books & toys. I've gotten some great things at really good prices. And my mom has been a great shopping buddy!

2) I've recently started working out. My mom and I are now members of Curves. We've been working out really hard for 2 weeks now. Hopefully at our 30 day mark we'll see some results.

3)I'm most excited about this.... House Shopping! We've caught the house bug & are ready to get out of our apartment. It's a lovely place that we live in... but there's just not enough room for me to do "activities". I don't have enough space for crafting or hard-core baking (and all my supplies). So we've started searching for our first home! It's been a really fun process so far. We've narrowed down the location that we want to be in & we've picked a price point. So now all we need to do is find a house that has all our "wants"...well our "Needs" and hopefully a good number of our wants. Just in case you're wondering what we are looking for ... 3+bedroom, at least 2 baths, an open kitchen (want it to be updated), a dining room (we've got a great table from my grandparents), a game room and/or office, a larger yard, & a garage. And our wants include: non-carpet flooring for living spaces, granite/corian counter-tops, backyard have room for a covered patio, Josh wants a cul-de-sac & I'd love to have a front porch. So we'll see how it goes... keep your fingers crossed for us. Phew... so if you find our house let us know =)

4) we've been spending lots of time at the Skalka's house these days. We are loving spending time by the pool & getting to grill. We've also been getting to spend time with Meredith & of course she's loving the pool also.

OK well I think those are the main updates. I promise I'll share some more interesting things soon. I've been working on great recipies, craft projects, DIY projects, & soon some more decorating. Maybe if you're lucky I'll even share some of the houses we're looking at.
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