January 17, 2010

Time for Change Already

Well Josh and I had been trying to decide what the best housing option for us would be. And over the weekend we found the most lovely apartment! Best news is... it's way below our budget, so we'll have lots of leftovers to play with =)
Our new home will be at the Lakemont apartments in Richmond. Although it's considered Richmond- we are literally 5 minutes from the Skalka's House & 15(tops) from the Huttenhoff's. It's at a perfect location.

Hopefully we'll be moving in sometime in the next week or 2. We should hear tomorrow when ours will be available. We can't wait to have you all over to visit!

Since we are moving- we figured, what a better time to buy some new furniture & electronics. I think that Josh has picked out a BIG ASS TV that is to his liking. And I've picked out some new living room furniture. We are still looking for a headboard that would compliment our antique bedroom set (silly me ruined the sets headboard while I was in middle school- who would have thought I'd be kicking myself over it all these years later). So we will stay on the hunt for that & also we are looking to find a cool trunk to use as a coffee table.
Here are some pictures of the Thomasville TV stand & bookshelf that we plan on getting
It was really fun today, Josh and I started going back through some of our stuff from our Tyler house as well as lots of our new stuff from the wedding. We can't wait to get it all unloaded. Now we just have to start making all our lists of what else we need.
Oh and I forgot to mention... there is an elementary school RIGHT across the street from our complex (literally walking distance) and there is currently an opening for an elementary life skills teacher. This would be a great job for me. So I'm going to get working on the application & keep my fingers crossed (you cross yours too!!)
That's all for now!

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Keeley Barr said...

Yay I'm glad yall found a place!! And after making that list of all the things you need to freak out...remember you can buy things SLOWLY lol. Matt and I made the list in our first "Married" apartment and phew it was scary...we slowly bought things and after a year we were done! I'm sending prayers your way about the job- hurry and get that app turned in!! :-)