April 27, 2010

Fort Bend Library

The end of last week I went and checked out the Fort Bend Library in Cinco. It's been there for years... and I'd just never checked it out. It was such a fun experience. I forgot how relaxing library's can be when you're not having to go there to cram for a test or writing a 10 page paper in one night. Since it was just my first visit I just spent some time walking around and checking the place out. I didn't even get a chance to visit the children's section (my all time favorite section of a library). One thing I'll have to get use to is that a library is not set up like a book store. haha. I literally went up and down every aisle just to find where different genres are located. I ended up leaving with 6 books =) Not sure they are all applicable for "read 10 books" but there are def. a few that would work.


Rachel Lillian said...

Ooooh let me know how the Ace of Cakes book is! Love that show!

Keeley Barr said...

haha I like the Idiots Rookie Teaching book ;-) You don't need that!! What's Lovely Life supposed to be about? I will be spending much time at the library this summer- its the only building on post (or in Germany maybe) with A/C!! LOL

Rachel Lillian said...

Hey girl! I tagged you in a note on my blog...www.rachel-lillian.blogspot.com