January 10, 2012

2012 Accountability

I've decided it's time to get life organized! There are things I keep saying that I'm going to do but always find a reason not to do them. 2012 is a time for change! I fully intend on these things to be my minimums- but I MUST accomplish them. No more excuses.

Eat Healthier
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
  • Eat at least 7 servings of fruit/veggies a day
  • Eat only 1 sweet a day
  • Things to consider: limit soda, limit "snack foods", limit fried food. My hope is that these things will dwindle on there own as I develop healthier eating habits
  • drop 2 pant sizes
  • exercise at least 3 times a week
  • park in the back of parking lots
  • get back into "miss" clothing. No more "women"- yuck!
  • run a 5k
  • Remember: Lose weight & you get new clothes! Must get into a health lifestyle now in order to provide a positive and healthy role model for Owen.
  • hair and makeup done at least 4 times a week
  • blog at least once a week
  • volunteer at least once a month
  • Only eat out lunch once per week
  • cook one meatless meal a week
  • use a coupon for every "non-grocery" item (toothbrush, toilet paper, soap, etc)
  • Master bedroom
  • Laundry room
  • Guest bedroom
  • Owen's 1st year photobook
  • 2012 photobook
  • scan all hard copy photos into digital form
  • update backyard
I certainly am capable of all of these things! Now the trick is just to do it!

What are you going to accomplish this year?

January 5, 2012

Month 4 You've Been GREAT

Happy 4 Months baby boy! You are such a joy to be around. And we can't thank God enough for allowing us to be your mommy and daddy!

Height: (This will be updated next week at your appointment)


Food: Still nursing big boy! We have had to give you a few bottles and learned you are eating 4-6 oz. You are quite picky about your bottles. It took us awhile to find a combo that you would use. But once we did you rocked it! We also let you start trying cereal. You have so much fun eating. But we did stop for a little big because it made your tummy hurt. But we are going to go full force with food starting next week.

Clothes: Holy Growth spurt! You wear anything from a big 3 month (and this is snug) all the way up to 9 months. This has meant lots of shopping for mommy. Your typical outfit is Jeans and a Onsie (either pocket-t or polo shirt) OR a Tshirt Onsie and some BabyLeggs (cute leggings)

Activities: You love talking to "Simon" ,your lovey, and "Hoot", the Owl hanging on your car seat. Staring at ceiling fans makes you smile. And of course bath time still. We are certian you are going to be a water baby.

Holiday: Christmas and Hanukkah were amazing. Everyone had so much fun celebrating with you. We celebrated with both the Huttenhoffs and the Skalkas (All the boys were able to make it in town for at least 1 night). And a special visit from your Great Aunt Kathy and Uncle Paul.

Quarter of a Year (aka 3 months)

What a fun month. Owen is starting to play, explore, talk, and truely recognize people.

Weight: 16 pounds

Clothes: 3-6 month.  I look super cute in my blue jeans- but I won't move around in them as much.

Sleep: you continue to be a decent sleeper. Typically you sleep 3-4 hours at a time. And about 9 hours a night. You are still sleeping in the Rock and Play Sleeper. To fall asleep you like to either be horizontal with your bumm being patted, a consistant "shh shh shh shh", and a little bounce in mommy's step OR you will happily nurse to sleep.

Eating:  you still nurse (except for the occasional bottle when we are out and their is no good place to stop). You are quick and silly. Grandma thinks it's funny that you grunt when you are starving. And when you are finished you let out a very satisfied sigh. It's very funny to anyone around.

Favorites: Bath time is still the best. You splash & kick & laugh for as long as we let you stay in. You also love to play with your tounge. You like to stick it out, roll it in your mouth, have it rubbed, whatever you can get :)

Firsts: You celebrated your first Thanksgiving. It was at our house and everyone had a great time. You wore the cutest shirt that mommy and grandma made for you.

January 4, 2012

Holy Behind Batman!!

I've decided that I am quickly becoming the worst blogger! But as the New Year has started up I'm determined to jump back on the Blogging BandWagon. My ultimate reason for wanting to blog is to keep a great journal for Owen to look back on. I'm actually starting his 1st year book using a lot of the information that I'm writing down on here. So it's time to get cracking!

Happy New Years to everyone. I hope everyone has a great 2012. I can't wait to see what today has in store for us.