September 14, 2010

Our Busy Beautiful Life

In the midst of this crazy world of a life we live in these days, I've neglected bloggerland. But I'm oh so glad you all haven't been neglecting my guilty reading pleasures. I'm so glad I've been able to keep up with you all while I haven't had much time to talk with you.

Since my last post....

The Mr and I have finally gotten settled in our home. And we are more in love than the day we closed :) Our house is just perfect. Perfect Size. Perfect Kitchen. Perfect Backyard. Now I wish we could say that we've got the whole house set up. But we don't. We've gotten things to a "comfy" state. But I can't wait to have some spare time to do some decorating. We've got some really fun projects ahead of us. The first ones on our list include dining room, then living room, followed by game room & then laundry room.

Next up is Work World. This new teaching position I have is ROUGH. And that is to put it nicely. It is a very difficult but also very rewarding group of kiddos. They push me to learn new skills, techniques, alternative curriculums, medical practices, and much much more. The first week or two I was putting in VERY long hours up at school. I was there sun up to sun down and even on the weekends. I think that's part of what was making me so tired. So I switched some things around, adapted a new schedule and things are working out well. I've got more energy during the school day and in the evening.
Transitioning to working life is a new experience for Josh and I. We've had to learn to really split all the responsibilities. We eat more "box" meals (aka mac-n-cheez & ramen), and have to move deeper into our wardrobes (as laundry dosen't get done as often), and we've had to get over the fact that our cute house won't be perfect all the time. But we're trying new routines and tweaking old ones to allow us to make the most of this new schedule.
Well that's all the time I have for now. But I plan to update more soon!

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Keeley Barr said...

YAY!!!! :-) And I chuckled at your box meal and wardrobes. It is a new thing! Glad Josh is a great guy and helping out- not all are so lucky! Can't wait to come visit you in your new home and hang out on that awesome patio with you and Romen (Josh can come too)! ;-)Btw LOVE your table- I've always wanted to have place settings out like that.