March 16, 2010

Local Biz Report

So I've sorta been MIA lately, and decided today I had some blog-worthy info to share. We had a ladies lunch (and shopping outing) today. We decided to try some new shops in Old Katy. And boy where they good!!

First we went to The Cottage Door for some fun shopping! They've always got a nice selection of Vera Bradley gear along with Brighton, Pandora, and many more!! They had a special going on today that if you make a VB purchase you can get a VB wallet for $15. It was a pretty sweet deal. So We purchased Brittany a lovely surprise (that she'll soon get in the mail), mom got a new pair of 'readers', and then we got 2 of the wallets (both in the same pattern). VB has some really classy new styles out. My new favorites are "Sittin' in a Tree" and "Poppy Fields"

After this we headed over to the Cottage Charm area for some food & dessert at some local eateries. We had lunch at a cute new place called Please&Thank You Home Cooking. It is really a lovely location. It has a combination of miss-matched tables, chairs, and centerpieces. I seriously LOVED it. It seemed as though the decor had been chosen by rummaging through a grandmothers garage. Very charming! After ordering our drinks we started our search through their pretty full menu (which is great for a new place). They've got a wide variety of soups, salads, & sandwiches. They've also got a casserole of the day along with a meatloaf place. So of course myself, mom, and Susie had to sample a little bit of Everything! I ordered the Meatloaf & a baked potato side. Mom ordered the baked spaghetti & a salad (with homemade buttermilk ranch). Susie got the Chicken Tortilla Soup & a Chicken Salad Sandwich. Everything was really yummy! I think my favorite thing was Susie's Tortilla soup. I'd heard their soups were good and they sure didn't disappoint.
Next we walked next-door for some Cupcakes from Frosted Betty. Mom and I tried 2 flavors last week. So today the 3 of us ladies purchased 6 cupcakes! haha. We did not eat them all though. We did try the carrot cake w. cream cheese icing (very yummy!! amazing icing), lemon cake w. lemon icing (also very good, not too sweet, and the cake part was perfectly moist), chocolate cake w salted caramel icing (this was alright... the salted caramel part was really yummy but the cake left a bit to be desired in terms of denseness&moisture), and lastly a banana fosters cake w. a lighter cream cheese icing (cake was perfection!).

We had such a lovely time at these Katy locations. We really hope to find & try more local businesses. haha I can say that this is one New Years Resolution that I've really kept up with... Support Local Business. No need for the chain stuff (except Target, Michael's, and Home Goods of course) haha.

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Keeley Barr said...

Thanks Anna now I'm starving LOL but seriously these places sound great! I love finding new places. If you want away from the chains just come visit me :-)