November 8, 2011

A little love affair... with FALL!

There is something magical about the shift in weather. When our blistering hot days turn into warm tolerable ones. I suddenly feel compelled to start wearing browns, and orange, and maroon in an attempt to psych myself into thinking it's cooler out than it really is. But seriously, reguardless of the weather I LOVE the Fall.

We have been taking it all in. Taking Owen on trips that he'll never remember and taking pictures that he'll be embarrassed to show this friends later in life. But I simply can't get enough of it. And we've still got 3 full weeks to create, adventure out, and drink Pumpkin Pie flavored beverages.

So far we've got to the ranch, a pumpkin patch, carved a pumpkin, went trick-or-treating, and simply enjoyed the outdoors!

Oh... And how could I forget our attempt at the cute "baby-in-pumpkin" photo! Seriously, looking back on it now, I'm not sure why I ever thought that would be a good idea. haha

A Little Love for the Pond Hoppers

Owen is just heart broken at the moment that his Aunt Lauren and Uncle Dates have jumped the pond and are now residing in jolly ol' England. Today when I was talking to him about their move this is what he had to say ....

He We miss them very much. But sure hope they are having a wonderful time on their new journey. We are looking forward to hearing all about the new place, pubs, and living life as an expat!

Lots of Love from Texas!

October 26, 2011

And now I'm 2

... months that is.

This week O-Man turns 8 weeks old. I can not believe how time has flown by. His next appointment is not until the 31st for his true "2 month" check up. So I'll update with stats after that. But in the mean time here is what Owen has been up to during this 2nd month of life...

Sleep - anywhere from 3-6.5 hrs. Typically he starts with his "long sleep" which is 4.5-6.5 hours then wakes to eat and then will go down for another 2-4. It's so nice having to only wake once during the night now. Our normal schedule is head to bed sometime between 9-10:30 and wake between 7-8:30. So really he is doing great.

Naps- Little man has such a random day time schedule. I really let him sleep or play as he wants (no waking a sleeping baby from this mama). But he is awake more and more so his napping is becoming less and less.

Clothes- well early on this month he still fit 0-3s (and still has just a couple "big ones" that are working) but he's already upgraded to 3-6. He is growing so much!

Favorite things-  being outside! Owen just loves the outdoors, this is one of our "go to fixes" when he is fussy. But in general he is just a happy camper when the sun is on his face and wind is blowing through his hair.
He also LOVES bathtime. Seriously he is all smiles, coo's, and giggles when we are in there. He takes baths in a mesh "chair" that sits in our big tub. So I sit in there with him and splash and laugh also. He has started doing this new thing where he will arch his back up out of the "chair" and shoot his arms and legs out stiff. It seriously looks like the kid is trying to float.

Things we couldn't live without-  Aden and Anise blankets, Mam paci's, our strollers (since little man loves his walk), Ring Sling, and bath chair. Oh and how could I forget... Wipes, wipes, and more wipes! (must have extras everywhere we go)

Milestones- lots of social smiles, tracking, recognizing people, sleeping 5+ hrs

Major Events/ Activities- went to Dates and Lauren's going away party (we sure are going to miss them),  went to the zoo, went to Josh's work for the first time, and went to the Oil Ranch. pumpkin patch,  Oh and Halloween will soon be here.

October 25, 2011

Living the Dream: Mommyhood

Being a mom is always what I've wanted to be. Of course I want to make a difference to other people also. But mainly being a wife and mom was always my lifelong dream. So naturally I didn't want to just be any ol' mom, I wanted to be super mom. I wanted the perfect child who gets the best of everything out there, and I was going to follow every rule in the parenting books,  in the perfectly cleaned house with cookies baking in the oven and dinner on the table when my husband got home from work, while maintaining a fashionably put together look. ::haha:: Then my sweet Owen arrived.

I quickly realized none of that crap matters! I've got stacks of dishes, trash that has missed the garbage man 2 times in a row, diapers sitting on my night stand, I haven't taken a shower in a few days, and don't even get my started on the things we've had for dinner since our little one's arrival. But I really don't care! We are having the time of our life.

Time has been flying by so quickly that I am glad I've been spending it doing the things I love. Owen and I are spending lots of time with family and friends. I am so thankful he we have so many people who love us and want to spend time with us. We do lunches, and coffee, and sit on the porch in the rocker. We go on "field trips" that there is no way he will remember. We chat for hours with friends and the time just flies by. We cuddle, we watch TV, and we sit in the tub and laugh. And while trying to soak up every minute of every day- I just don't even care that other "things" are getting left behind. There is time for all that stuff later. But for now we live!

We live with love in our hearts and smiles on our faces and try to fill every minute of every day with wonderful memories.

October 21, 2011

Catch Up: Month 1


Weight/ Length: 11pounds 11 ounces and 23 and 5/8"

Sleep: 3-4 Hours at a time. Wakes to eat and the fast back to sleep. He prefers to sleep on my chest or on his tummy. But we put him in a Rock and Play Sleeper for nighttime (this is right next to our bed). Still napping frequently during the day. Typically 1-2 hours at a time. And he will nap just about anywhere: carseat, in your arms, in his bouncy chair... Just not flat on his back

Hair: We've still got it! It's constantly changing colors. These days it's got quite the red tint to it. Josh has his fingers crossed that he's not a full blown "Ginger" - but we'd love him even if he did :)

Diapers: Size 1 (this is where we've been since NICU). Prefer the Pampers Swaddlers.

Clothes: He could fit newborn for the first week or 2 (thankfully we only bought 1 package of onsies for this reason). But has  been wearing 0-3. Primarily Polo's and Pocket Tee's- Daddy wants his little one to be a Frat Daddy!

Favorite Things: being held! This boy loves to cuddled non-stop. He also likes to go outside and be rocked in the rocking chairs, go on car rides, being swaddled (with arms out), sleep in our bed,  and eat!

Things we couldn't live without: Zip up sleepers (none of those crazy snap ones), Rock and Play Sleeper, Pacifier (Soothies), and sweat pants (as jeans are to restricting but going pantless makes for a chilly boy).

Milestones: Picks up head (he's been doing this since week 1), pushes with his arms and legs, gives social smiles

Major Events / Activities:  Had his Bris (which went very well) and was introduced to the congregation, attended Cullan's 2nd Birthday Party, Watch football at Gramma and Grampa's house every Sunday, out to eat frequently.

October 13, 2011

The big 25

So 20 months ago I created this list of 25 things I wanted to accomplish by age 25. Well... I turned 25 two weeks ago. And I didn't accomplish as many of the things on the list as I thought I would have. But I did have an amazing 20 months... and boy have things changed! But just for fun here was my list and I've checked off what I did manage to accomplish.

1. Lose 50 pounds - not 50... but 25 (and that is after the baby... and it's only been 6 weeks)2. Have a full time job
3. Buy a house
4. Become a long-term volunteer with an organization
5. Run in a 5k
6. Host a holiday!7. Go to another country
8. Put together a "history" photobook for my dad of his scouting career
9. Go to a winery
10. Take a cooking class
11. Help put on a large event (gala, wedding, large party, etc)

12. Learn how to use photoshop (or similar program)
13. Finish a scrapbook
14. Make a quilt
15. Have seen all of my immediate aunts, uncles, and cousins
16. Go on a Cruise
17. Read at least 10 ENTIRE books (real books not children's books)
18. Learn how to change my own tire / basic maintenance on my car
19. Take a vacation with my mom
20. Refinish furniture21. Learn how to use fondant (and have it look good) =)
22. An outside activity at least once a month (fishing, camping, hiking, etc.)
23. Not eat out for a full month
24. Spend a week with no computer access (by choice)
25. Stay Debt Free!

Although I can't say say that I successfully accomplished this goal, I did accomplish many other things! And they are things I wouldn't trade for the world. I got to work with an incredible group of kiddos for one school year (major life changing experience). I was able to spend irreplaceable time with my mother and law before she passed away. I have grown closer to my family than I ever thought was possible. Josh and I have an fantastic marriage. And we now have an amazing son who is the center of our world and I have the privilege of being a stay at home mom so I get to be with him 24/7 !

Turning 25 seems like a turning point. I am no longer in my "early twenties" and feeling like I am viewed more as an "adult" rather than just a "young adult". I still have many dreams and ambitions that I'd love to see accomplished. I'm not sure when I'll get to them all... But I'm sure they'll happen... When I'm damn good and ready :)

October 12, 2011

Looking Back: Owen's Arrival

Owen is now 6 weeks old and we are getting into the swing of a great routine. So it's the perfect time to take advantage of a napping baby and reminisce/ share about Owen's arrival. Be prepared it's a tad long!
On the Monday before Owen made his debut we went to the hospital ready for a baby. I had been having contractions all night. But much to our dismay, once we arrived the contractions had stopped and little progress was made (still at 2 cm). After visiting with our doctor we made the "walk of shame" back down to our car and headed home. I was exhausted, bummed out, and sort of embarrassed.  Later that day I met with the doctor again (at my scheduled appointment) and started planning an induction for the following week if he had not arrived on his own by then.  But the doctor kept telling us that our baby would make his debut before an induction would be necessary.
That Monday night the contractions kept coming, nothing major though. I knew on Tuesday that things were still in motion, but continued on with my day. I knew there was no point in sitting around waiting. Throughout the day I had contractions- they got longer, a bit uncomfortable, but really just annoying at that point. By Tuesday night I knew I had to be in labor. I felt sick, more uncomfortable, but still no consistent contractions. So I ate some pizza with Josh, took a hot shower, and tried to head to bed. But silly me, baby had other plans :)  I was up all night taking lots of hot baths and showers.
Around 5 am I woke Josh up and told him that I thought I should call the doctor and we should think about heading in. When we got to the hospital I asked the nurse to check me right away, because if I had to do the "Walk of Shame" I wanted to get it done quickly. She laughed, but agreed. When she said that I was 6.5 cm I was shocked. I'm not sure why. But I couldn't believe it was actually "go time". Josh and I continued to sit around, chat, and laugh. When the Dr got there I was 7.5cm.

At that point we did all sorts of fun (not!) medical stuff like IV, break my water, and put in the epidural. During this time we found out that there was a bunch of meconium in the water. So it was likely that our little man was going to have to go to the NICU to be checked out. But even this plan was quick to change.

I then developed a fever and had to be put on antibiotics and pitocin (to hurry the labor along and get our little man out). At this point we were told that once he was delivered he was have to immediately go to the NICU and I wouldn't be able to see him for 4 hours after deliver (due to my unknown illness). This was a major blow. I had all sorts of thoughts running through my head. For some reason I wasn't scared for him or I about whatever was making us sick, because I knew we were in an amazing hospital with great doctors and nurses. I was upset because I wouldn't get to see him right away. I wanted to badly to hold him right away, to feed him, to start our bonding, and to simply hold him and love on him. But I had to let it go. This wasn't the time for emotions to be running a muck! It had to be done. And he needed to be delivered safely so we could be together as soon as possible.

Before I knew it, it was time for our little man to make his arrival. Little did we know that our story still had another twist for us. After pushing tirelessly for 2 hours it became apparent that our little man was getting stressed and that we needed to get him out. And quickly! So our plans quickly (very quickly) changed and we began prepping for a C-Section. There were so many doctors and nurses and people all around getting us ready. I got all sorts of medication, was given tons of information, and we were quickly on our way.

Once situated in the surgical suite Josh joined me and we anxiously waited to see how the rest of our story would unfold. Before we knew it our doctor said "Anna, I found the problem, " he chuckled as he continued, "you know how I have a big head... well your sons is bigger!" He then lifted up our sweet boy, and they whisked him off to get checked out. Josh went over to the baby's table side as they suctioned out the meconium and wrapped him up.  Josh then brought the baby down to my eye level and I was able to see his sweet face and give him a quick kiss before the 2 of them hurried back to the NICU for further evaluation.  (My mom took these pictures from a window into the surgical area. It was so nice that they let her sit there and wait for us! It was so nice that she was there to help me and support us during our changing plans!)

The process was so fast. From the time it was decided that a c-section was necessary to the time that Owen was born, only 30 minutes lapsed! Thirty Minutes! I am still in awe of how quickly the staff was able to get it all done.

I don't remember tons about the "recovery area"- except that I kept sending Josh to go back and check on Owen and to take pictures for me.  But I do remember that in the recovery area is where I was told that Owen was in perfect health! And that he was a whopping 10 pounds and 22 inches long! My big ole' boy was the rockstar of the NICU and I would be seeing him in a few hours.

Those next few hours were killer! I felt like I was never going to get to see him. But soon enough I had my newest love in my arms. He locked eyes and were instantly falling more in love with one another.

This was certainly the best day of my life (aside from the day we got married). Being a family of 3 is far better than a family of 2. It seems like he was always meant to be with us. And God defiantly created this little man just for us. He fits in perfectly!

August 20, 2011

Still Waiting

Just thought I'd give a quick update (especially since we've been getting daily calls!). We are still waiting for our little mans arrival.  As of today I am 38 Weeks and 4 Days - so really we haven't hit the "due date" yet but he can come as soon as he's ready :)

We are anxiously awaiting his arrival. His room is all set up, our bedroom is ready for him to stay the nights in our room for a few months (in a pack and play), hospital bags are packed, car seat is in the car (but not installed). WE ARE READY :) 

My patience is starting to draw thin (we all know it was never a strong suite of mine to begin with) - but I know Mr Bean will make his debut when he is good and ready. I can already tell that he is going to be a tad of a "mini-me" in that he's going to want to do what he wants, when he wants, and march to the beat of his own drum. And I honestly LOVE that- even though I realize that Karma is a B!tch. And if he is anything like I was as a kid, Josh and I will certainly have our hands full. And we can't WAIT!!

Tonight we have a special event to attend- and hopefully I'll remember to take pictures to post up here! Have a great weekend.

July 8, 2011

32 Week Update

How Far Along: 32 Weeks 3 Days

Total Weight Loss/Gain:  4 lbs

Baby Size: Measuring 3 weeks ahead. We have a big boy!!

Gender: Boy

Movement: All the time. He loves music and always gets very active when there is something with a good beat on. He also is a night owl - starting at about 7pm till late (after I try to go to bed) he is just moving around like a crazy man.

Sleep: I'm sleeping ok. I typically get up 2-3 times a night. Sore hips and pelvic bones. And it's starting to get harder to turn over in bed. But most nights I'm still getting enough sleep to feel rested in the morning.

What I miss: Alcohol! I know that's terrible, but I've been craving some cherry vodka, mojitos, and sangria!

Cravings: Don't really have any. But with it being summertime I do love snow cone trips and anything with sonic ice (which I now have 2 bags of in my freezer) :)

Best moment of the week: Started working on the game room. We have the entertainment center purchased, curtain fabric purchased, and accent wall painted!

I'm really loving being pregnant. Although I've had the pleasure of barfing nearly everyday since January- I wouldn't trade these moments for anything!

June 26, 2011

Nursery Update

So I know many of you have been asking me about the Nursery recently. Well, the reason for lack of updates is because I hadn't really picked many things yet. I'm still having a hard time pulling together some of the detail pieces (which we all know is really what brings the whole room together). But so far this is what we've got.

Crib- This is a Morgan Safeside by Munire

Bedding - This is a Mini Dot Crib sheet (in Navy) with the Harper Bed Skirt (Navy) - Both of these are by Pottery Barn Kids

Curtians - This is the fabric that we'll use to make 7 ft pannels  for the window in the room. This fabric is by Robert Allen (Nautica collection) and is called Henley Stripe in Day Lily.

Floor Pillows- I think I'll be using this fabric to make 2 large floor pillows for Mr. Bean's room. This fabric is also by Robert Allen (Nautica collection) and is called Gales Point

Rug- Now we have NOT purchased this (everything else we have). But I am considering getting this rug for the room. What do you think? This is the Border Chennile Rug by Pottery Barn Kids. The biggest thing holding me back is the cost. Is this rug really worth $200 ? I'm thinking I won't be able to make a decision until I get the other stuff actually put into the room

The rest of the furniture is in the works. I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of all the in between stages. We stripped down an old antique dresser and nightstand that belonged to my maternal great grandmother. I think it's pretty neat to have family history involved in Bean's room. We are in the painting phase now. The dresser is being painted white and the night stand will be painted red. I have not yet decided on knobs or pulls to put on the furniture.

And the room does have walls :)   They will be painted Martha Stewart Etched Glass. It is a very light blue with a tint of gray. Our hope is that this color will tint the walls but still appear more of a neutral pallet
. We really like what we've got going on so far. Now it's just time to start executing some of these great ideas :)  I surely hope to be able to share something accomplished with you. The plan is for me to finish the dresser tomorrow, my mom is going to come over this week to help paint, and Josh says that he's going to put the crib together one night after work this week. I can't wait to see it all come together so we can start working on the details like art work, lamps, shelfs, etc.

Hope you had a great weekend!

June 23, 2011

30 week update.

Well Mr Bean and I had an appointment this afternoon- and things went less than great. I surely won't say bad, especially since we don't know the outcome yet. But I had to get some blood work done to check for Cholestasis.This is a liver disease that causes bile flow to become abnormal due to high amounts of pregnancy hormones. The reason I'm being tested for this is because I've been insanely itchy. We're talking wake up in the middle of the night clawing at my belly itchy. I'm not yet even going to think about the issues that can be associated with this since we aren't even sure if I have it.

Now in the morning, I also have to have the 3 hour glucose test done. I failed my 1 hour test, and the put on 7 lbs in 3 weeks. These 2 things combined show me to be at a much higher risks for gestational diabetes. Really not looking forward to the test, but it must be done. So wish me luck that this isn't an issue either.

But other than those 2 issues, Mr Bean sounded great. He had a strong, healthy heart beat. And since I'm now 30 weeks I start going to the Dr every 2 weeks.

June 4, 2011

Mr. Bean

So I just realized how I never actually shared with the world on here that our little bean is a Boy. So technically we call him "Mr. Bean" now.

In this picture I'm about 23 weeks. 

I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and I am loving this time! Up until I was about 21 weeks or so I was sick all the time. I'll spare you the details, but basically I lost 15 lbs. But since that 21 week mark- food has bee my friend, and I think Mr. Bean is loving it. He is moving around all the time. He is most active around 4 and 9:30. I really hope that doesn't mean that he is going to be a night owl. Because that could really put a kink in my chain. I'd have to begin convert him into an early bird from birth :)  Because for me evening time is resting time, not partying time! We'll just have to see.

Yesterday I had an appointment with a new doctor, who thank goodness I LOVED! I am having to switch due to a change of insurance (since I won't be teaching anymore), and I was having the most difficult time finding a new doctor who I felt was competent, delivered at the right hospital, and whose practice I loved. And thankfully I found one. My mom went with me to the doctor yesterday and lucky for her she got to see an ultrasound being done. I was so excited for her to get to see one because with all 4 of her pregnancies she only had 1 ultrasound, and that was with John. But that's just not how things are done these days. We've gotten to see our little man 5 times now. It's really amazing to watch their little bodies move across the screen. My favorite part was when we saw Mr Bean sucking his thumb. My mom and I just laughed... me have have a child who is a thumb sucker.... nooo.... couldn't be :) 

We are just so in love with our little man- and couldn't be more excited for his arrival. He is going to be a great addition to our family! And little does Mr Bean know, but he will soon be a fratty, boy scouting, car loving, soccer addict, sport playing, outdoor going little man. Basically he's going to be just one of the guys :)  And I can't wait for all our brothers and dads to get to enjoy their little man time too!

Ending a chapter

Well yesterday was the last day of school for the 2010-2011 school year. For the last week everyone had been hurrying around packing up their stuff, loading up their car with personal belongings, and getting things taken off the walls as quickly as possible so "summer vacation" could begin. But for me, I took my time, embraced each staple I pulled out of the wall, each student file I prepared, and each passing smile from teachers and students. Yesterday was my last day at school. Last day for awhile (but likely not forever). I will not be returning to teaching in the Fall. Through an emotional (and somewhat unexpected) journey, Josh and I decided that I will have the amazing opportunity to stay home with our little man! I absolutely CAN NOT WAIT. This is seriously my life dream to be a stay-at-home-mom , I just had no idea it would happen so quickly. I continue to thank God on a daily basis for leading us to this path- because truly we are blessed.

Now that I'm home for my permanent summer vacation, I hope to get back into blogging more, baking more, reading more, shopping more, basically a whole lot more living on my part. But mostly, I can't wait to share our wonderful life with our little bean. It's crazy to think that he is going to be here in just a few short months. There's so much to do and I've been enjoying every second of choosing the perfect items, name, and doctor for our little man.

So Cheers to summer!

April 17, 2011

Starting to get things accomplished

Well life certianly has not slowed down around here. Actually been very busy. But The next month or so is full of tons of fun things! We can not wait.

Josh and I have been doing all sorts of research on all the "baby stuff" that we'll need to get. And are finally making some decisions on what we want to purchase our little "bean".

We have been looking for cribs since I think the day we found out we were expecting. But this weekend we finally agreed upon one and ordered asap! We knew we wanted white. We also prefer the look of stationary cribs instead of the popular convertible styles. We finally picked the Munire Morgan Safeside (in white)
It is a stunning crib in person. And I really liked the quality better than the popular pottery barn kids one that looks similar to this.  I can't wait to get it set up in the room.

Well much less progress on this area. I think that we want to go with Teal (aqua), yellow, and white. I actually really like the bedding in the picture above. But we've opted to go custom. Thankfully I've got an amazingly talented mom and grandma who will be creating all of our textiles in the room! This week I'm going fabric shopping with my mom. So hopefully I'll find something I love.

Josh and I have done a lot of "test driving" (not stroller shopping) and we've picked the Baby Jogger City Mini and a simple Snap and Go. I really prefer these options to a bulky travel system. My favorite thing is how light these 2 options are. I can literally pick up the City Mini with one hand and have it fold up to the size of a lawn chair. You can also get a lot of accessories to add to this stroller so that it can hold the infant seat, hold a mini cooler, cup holder, etc.  We had to have something with all-terrain capabilities so this one should work for us out at camp, beach, soccer fields, etc. We plan to get a BOB Revolution in the future. But hopefully I can find that one used, because it is quite costly.

Many people have been asking about this... So we are trying to get stared. We will register at Babies R Us, Target, and Amazon. Some of the places will have repeat items on it, but it's worth it since Amazon frequently runs specials on the baby items. And who can pass up a good deal :)

Pregnancy Updates

We are finally 1/2 way there!! 20 weeks. And I'm so excited to finally be feeling GREAT! The last 5 days have been amazing. Much more energy, sleeping through the night, and the best part- no more all-day-sickness! I currently have lost 15 lbs. But not to worry. Our little bean is doing GREAT. I've been able to feel him/her moving around for about 2 weeks. And this week I've been getting quite a few kicks. Josh is anxiously awaiting the outside kicks. Hopefully he will be able to feel baby kick soon. We have our anatomy scan next Monday, so that means another U/S for us. I love being able to see the baby. Tons of fun!! I'll get some pictures up soon. I'll be at my mom's house on Thursday, so I'll try to remember to scan some in.

That's all for now!

March 10, 2011

Life is Good

Lots of change. Lots of stress. Lots of work. Lots of Love. Life is Good!

Phew... I'm so ready for life to slow down just a little bit so that we can take it all in. These last 3 months have just been an incredible whirlwind! Josh and I have both been working like crazy!!! For me, this is TAKS Season and therefore Paperwork season. And for Josh- he's busier than ever now that he's been promoted to Manager of his shop! I am so proud of him. He has just worked his tush off and really making a name for himself in the industry. And we both love it every day (well... almost every day). But man... I am so ready for Spring Break. And Summer. And Fall.

But then I must remind myself to slow down. It's time to take it all in. We are exactly where we need to be.

Well I don't have a ton of baby updates- but I'll share what I've got.

- I'm loving trying to pick a nursery theme. I thought I had it all figured out. But in true Anna Style I've changed my mind. But typically my 2nd pick at things is really what I want. And I think I know what direction I want to go. I'm thinking of using Teal, White, and Yellow as the colors. Have maybe some green accents. Have a white tree painted on the wall. White furniture. Some bird/nature accents. Use fun prints- but nothing too matchy matchy. And I've got to find the perfect soft rug to sit and play on. I'm also thinking that I'd like to frame some artwork from Josh and I's childhood in white frames. I know I've got stuff at my parents house. But now the task of searching through Josh's parents house for some of his old stuff.  I'll share pictures once I find some good inspiration pics for you.

- I had no idea how many choices there were to make and research with baby "stuff" . It's sort of nuts really. Car seats, Pack-n-Plays, Chairs, Bottles, blah, blah, blah. But I'm sure as I just read magazines and such it won't seem like such a daunting task. I've already started figuring out which brands have the best safety ratings, consumer ratings, etc.

- I've been feeling pretty good. Very very tired. And having to sit a lot more than I would hope. But I hope that after a long week of rest and recovery I'll be ready to be up and moving around more. I also think that next week I'll find somewhere to get a prenatal massage. As far as food... Well I just really haven't been that interested in it. I've actually skipped a couple meals on accident this week simply because I wasn't hungry. I know I've got to do a better job of this. But things that I am loving are: Boston Market (especially the Mac-N-Cheese), Berries and Watermelon, BBQ Chips, and Bread (rolls, garlic bread, white bread... you name it- I'm loving it). So I'm really having to reach these days to find foods that I'm really hungry for- b/c all my old staple items just aren't working- including steak, bbq, seafood, etc. So I'm working on it for sure.

- Next week I've also got to start cleaning things up over at my mom's place. She informed me yesterday that there is no room for baby stuff because I've still got an entire room and closet full of my old stuff (including wedding things). So I've got to go through boxes, and clothes, and movies, and more boxes. And really just purge all that junk that I don't need. And then find a way to love and cherish the things that I insist on keeping.

That's all for now. Thanks again for all the love and messages you guys have been giving me. And sorry I don't have any good pictures to share this week. Hopefully I'll take some over the weekend with the beautiful weather.

March 3, 2011

Meet "Bean"

So the news is out! Josh and I are expecting an addition to our family. The news truly came at a wonderful time. With all that has been going on in our lives we are just so excited for our newest addition.

As of today we are 13 weeks and 2 days. At our appointment on Monday we found out little bean is measuring about 4 days ahead. Which is great news! So glad to hear we have a healthy grower in there.

Many of you have been asking me for the "details". I'm not sure we have a ton... but here's what I've got:

- Bean's due date has been changed a few times. Either Aug 30th or Sep 6th. So we'll just wait and see when bean decides to make its appearance.
- As of now we are not planning to find out the sex of our little darling. But most peoples guess has been it'll be a girl (unless you ask my dad, because he swears it's a boy).
- I do plan on going back to work after bean is born. My amazing mom will be watching baby once I go back. This is such a relief to us. It's so nice to know exactly whose hands your baby is in. And we have very similar parenting styles so it works out perfectly.
- I am no longer getting sick which is amazing! I'm so glad that "all day sickness" has passed.
- Currently I have lost 7 lbs. Which my Dr. has no problems with.
- I have no particular cravings- but do have a lot of aversions to smells. So that does end up limiting places we are going. Even if I like the food- some places just smell funny. haha

Well that is all for now. I plan to try and keep this a lot more up-to-date! Thank you all so much for all the comments, calls, messages you have left for me. I am so glad to know that our little bean is going to be so loved !!

February 9, 2011

It's Nice to be Noticed

A few weeks ago I was named New Teacher of the Year at my elementary school. I was completely shocked. And it was tons of fun to have family around to celebrate. This celebration didn't come with out it's drama though (which is funny to think back on now- but wasn't at the time).

I was busy working my morning duty unloading my students from their cars in a side driveway at the school. Out of no where I see Josh and his dad drive through my parking lot. I immediately start to panic. There have been some family issues going on so I instantly started thinking the worse. I tried and tried to get a hold of Josh, but he just wouldn't anwser. I eventually get a quick text that said "You're fine! Calm down.". Well that wasn't working for me, so I kept on calling. He eventually anwsered and told me to breath, relax, and to act suprised when I saw him.

Next thing I know there is a counselor around asking me to bring one of my students down to morning announcements (which are live! for the entire campus to see). I walk down there and the principal starts saying there was one more announcment they had to make, and then they announced me as new teacher of the year. Then out comes my mom, Josh, Jonny, and Mike. It was a lovely surpise. And as soon as the the camera went off I started crying. I was just so relieved that something bad hadn't happened.

Phew! So end of drama! Next up was lots of fun celebrating with flowers, a sash, and a parade around campus (which my family came on with me). We walked the halls giving high-fives, slapping hands, doing the pagent wave, and smiling real big :) 

It is really such an honor to be recognized while working with such wonderful teachers.

A Little Piece of Perfect

This is very late in sharing. But life has been a bit crazy these days and I'm just getting the opportunity to sit and write/post.
In December Josh and I went on the most wonderful trip to Chicago. We were surrounded by some of our favorite people, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Paul. And we had the opportunity to do some amazing things that just filled our hearts (and tummys) with all sorts of happiness.

We started our trip staying downtown in the new JW Marriot. Although our view wasn't the greatest (not for a lack of trying- the good view rooms just weren't available) everything else was perfect. The rooms were so comfy and relaxing, they have a cheese plate that was simply outstanding (strange thing to rave about... I know), the bar area was really nice, breakfast was simple yet very yummy, and the executive lounge had the best tasting pistachio french macaroons.

Of course we had to hit up the museums, aquarium, millennium park (very very quickly), and walking everywhere in the freezing cold.

Kathy and Paul treated us to AMAZING seats (we're talking 2nd row ) to see WICKED! The cast in Chicago is so good. The characters were perfect. And the theater was stunning. I can't tell you how cool it was to be that close to stage. You could see everything.

On top of our show, and walks, and lots of normal fun, we ate and ate and ate! I don't think we ever went more than 5 hours without eating. But Chicago has some drool worthy food that we just couldn't miss. We were able to hit Frontera Grill, Grahm Elliot (probably the best meal ever), Niche, some German Place (of course I can't remember the name now), and so many more! I don't think we ate one meal that isn't noteworthy. But I won't bore you all with foody details that will leave me wanting more (b/c heading back to Chicago right now isn't an option).