January 14, 2010

The Daily Grind

Well still no news on job offers. But, today I had to take my substitute "test" and had my interview. I should be able to start subbing in Katy in the next week or 2. They've got a very lengthy process to become a sub unfortunately. I also am starting to apply at some private pre-schools in the area. Hopefully I can find something soon... I'm kinda getting bored at home for now.

Today on facebook I noticed that our photographer Blogged more of our wedding day pictures. Woo Hoo!! They came out wonderfully. I cant wait to order prints & get our album set up!

On a down side, Boatis had a bad day. For some reason he decided that he was going to bark and chase down the cleaning lady. It appeared to be unprovoked. So I went ahead and put him in his kennel just to give him a break and a chance to calm down. Well 30 minutes when the lady started cleaning the room that his kennel is in, he went ape shit again!! Barking, growling, and ramming his sweet little self into the front of the kennel. I guess our precious dog is not cured of his hostile ways. He has been in "time out" for the rest of the afternoon. He is in serious need of an attitude adjustment! We may have to take him back to his trainer Malcom sooner than expected!!
Tonight Josh and I are having a stay-at-home date! We will be making pizza! Yummy. Hopefully it'll taste good!

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