April 17, 2011

Starting to get things accomplished

Well life certianly has not slowed down around here. Actually been very busy. But The next month or so is full of tons of fun things! We can not wait.

Josh and I have been doing all sorts of research on all the "baby stuff" that we'll need to get. And are finally making some decisions on what we want to purchase our little "bean".

We have been looking for cribs since I think the day we found out we were expecting. But this weekend we finally agreed upon one and ordered asap! We knew we wanted white. We also prefer the look of stationary cribs instead of the popular convertible styles. We finally picked the Munire Morgan Safeside (in white)
It is a stunning crib in person. And I really liked the quality better than the popular pottery barn kids one that looks similar to this.  I can't wait to get it set up in the room.

Well much less progress on this area. I think that we want to go with Teal (aqua), yellow, and white. I actually really like the bedding in the picture above. But we've opted to go custom. Thankfully I've got an amazingly talented mom and grandma who will be creating all of our textiles in the room! This week I'm going fabric shopping with my mom. So hopefully I'll find something I love.

Josh and I have done a lot of "test driving" (not stroller shopping) and we've picked the Baby Jogger City Mini and a simple Snap and Go. I really prefer these options to a bulky travel system. My favorite thing is how light these 2 options are. I can literally pick up the City Mini with one hand and have it fold up to the size of a lawn chair. You can also get a lot of accessories to add to this stroller so that it can hold the infant seat, hold a mini cooler, cup holder, etc.  We had to have something with all-terrain capabilities so this one should work for us out at camp, beach, soccer fields, etc. We plan to get a BOB Revolution in the future. But hopefully I can find that one used, because it is quite costly.

Many people have been asking about this... So we are trying to get stared. We will register at Babies R Us, Target, and Amazon. Some of the places will have repeat items on it, but it's worth it since Amazon frequently runs specials on the baby items. And who can pass up a good deal :)

Pregnancy Updates

We are finally 1/2 way there!! 20 weeks. And I'm so excited to finally be feeling GREAT! The last 5 days have been amazing. Much more energy, sleeping through the night, and the best part- no more all-day-sickness! I currently have lost 15 lbs. But not to worry. Our little bean is doing GREAT. I've been able to feel him/her moving around for about 2 weeks. And this week I've been getting quite a few kicks. Josh is anxiously awaiting the outside kicks. Hopefully he will be able to feel baby kick soon. We have our anatomy scan next Monday, so that means another U/S for us. I love being able to see the baby. Tons of fun!! I'll get some pictures up soon. I'll be at my mom's house on Thursday, so I'll try to remember to scan some in.

That's all for now!