June 7, 2010

Random Update on Life

OK OK I know I've neglected the blog recently. And have been constantly reminded by a few friends =)

So what's new in our lives....

1) I haven't started work just yet, but I do have my new hire meeting on Wednesday. I look forward to learning some more about what I'm suppose to do on Day 1. haha. I hope to get into my classroom soon so I can start planning for next year. Also on the job news- I've started some shopping for books & toys. I've gotten some great things at really good prices. And my mom has been a great shopping buddy!

2) I've recently started working out. My mom and I are now members of Curves. We've been working out really hard for 2 weeks now. Hopefully at our 30 day mark we'll see some results.

3)I'm most excited about this.... House Shopping! We've caught the house bug & are ready to get out of our apartment. It's a lovely place that we live in... but there's just not enough room for me to do "activities". I don't have enough space for crafting or hard-core baking (and all my supplies). So we've started searching for our first home! It's been a really fun process so far. We've narrowed down the location that we want to be in & we've picked a price point. So now all we need to do is find a house that has all our "wants"...well our "Needs" and hopefully a good number of our wants. Just in case you're wondering what we are looking for ... 3+bedroom, at least 2 baths, an open kitchen (want it to be updated), a dining room (we've got a great table from my grandparents), a game room and/or office, a larger yard, & a garage. And our wants include: non-carpet flooring for living spaces, granite/corian counter-tops, backyard have room for a covered patio, Josh wants a cul-de-sac & I'd love to have a front porch. So we'll see how it goes... keep your fingers crossed for us. Phew... so if you find our house let us know =)

4) we've been spending lots of time at the Skalka's house these days. We are loving spending time by the pool & getting to grill. We've also been getting to spend time with Meredith & of course she's loving the pool also.

OK well I think those are the main updates. I promise I'll share some more interesting things soon. I've been working on great recipies, craft projects, DIY projects, & soon some more decorating. Maybe if you're lucky I'll even share some of the houses we're looking at.
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