February 21, 2010

Keepin Busy

Well this week was a bit more of what I am used to in my life. At least a little busy. It's nice to see my schedule filling up. Because I am terrible at sitting at home & doing nothing (aka trying not to spend money).

Starting on Tuesday- I took my first substitute job in Katy ISD. I worked an elementary Life Skills position. And it was tons of fun. And close to home. Oh and I had my caking class again & made some really cute cupcakes.

Wed & Thur- I ran around w mom as we tried to get all the last minute details ready for the Centennial Celebration at Minute Maid (boy scout thing). We made trips to the scout shop (both days I think), Arnies ( I got some new baking stuff), the mall (had to pick up a bridal shower gift) & lunch of course!! Then Thursday night we had the event. And it was pretty neat.

Friday- I spent the day trying to fix our Cricut. If your not familiar with this crafting machine you should look it up. It's only the greatest craft invention since the scissor. Well anyways- our LCD screen has the Black Screen of Death (at least that's what I'm calling it). After spending time on the phone with customer service & countless hours googleing possible fixes I've become very discouraged. I'm thinking that we may end up having to get a new machine- unless I can somehow figure out how to fix it (wish me luck).

Also on Friday I spent an hour or 2 working on my buttercream roses for class. They are improving but definitely not really brag worthy. When I get a little better I'll post some pictures. For now they look more like wilting carnations than a rose.

Saturday- I finally attended a Gamma Phi Beta Alumnae event here in Houston. It was nice to meet up with these ladies. There were only maybe 2 other girls under the age of 30- but hopefully I can drag a fellow sister (who lives in Houston) to the next event with me. The main theme of this event was a book review. The owner from a local bookstore (Blue Willow Bookshop) came & gave us 2010 must read list! Just to share a few:

Pastry Queen Parties by Rebecca Rather (this is a cookbook & the author owns a place out in Fredricksburg, TX)
The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan
Little Bee by Chris Cleave
The Post Mistress by Sara Blake
The Spellman Files by Lisa Lutz

And for Children's books:
Sugar Cookies by Amy Krause Rosenthal (Cookies is a children's collection)
Cupcake by Cherise Harper ( I will be purchasing this... VERY CUTE!!)

Also on Saturday Josh's company had a work party. It was a really lovely time. I met a few new faces (2 of the guys wives) and then had a great time chatting with some ladies I've met before (and have lots of crafting hobbies in common with).

Phew...Finally to Sunday- we had been dog sitting my parents doggies while they were out camping & one of the doggies had a MAJOR accident... and it was TERRIBLE!!! So Josh and I spent the morning cleaning that shit up (literally). But then we treated ourselves with a yummy breakfast & lunch out!! Then later in the day I went to a wonderful Bridal Shower for Rebecca (Austin's fiance). and THEN we had Austin over for dinner & watching the hockey game. WAY TO GO USA!!!
Well I must get ready for bed in hopes of another long & productive week!
Take Care

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