February 8, 2010

Good News All Around

When I woke up this morning I thought it was going to be a blah & crummy day. My allergies have been a mess. The weather was to be yucky. And I just happened to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. But thankfully my day turned around. I met my mom for a morning walk with Boatis around the lake. We enjoyed our time just chit chatting and being proud of our exercise time.

Later in the day I went back over to my moms and we were very productive (always easier to do with a buddy). I finally got Thank You notes in the mail!! So be checking your mail boxes in the next few days. Mom and I also got some little packages in the mail for The Hutt's, my dear friend Brittany, and Beth/Marc/Liza! You would have died if you'd seen us in the line at the post office. We come in with boxes & 50+envelopes that all had different weights. haha the lady was so helpful and didn't seem annoyed at all at having to weigh all my notes & help me get the right postage on them. I love it when we get great customer service. We finished the day up with some random errands.

Great Deals to Share: Right now Old Navy has some lace camis on sale for $2 !! I was pretty pumped. Unfortunately our store was out of almost every color. But I didn't care. I bought 2. Great Deal!! Also... Don't forget that Tomorrow (2/9) is Free GrandSlam day.

3 really good things happened just this evening. 1) I got to talk to my friend Brittany. It was wonderful. Seriously made my day...maybe even week. 2) When I checked my email when I got home I found a message with my login and password for the substituting database. So hopefully I'll be able to start taking jobs in the next couple days. Woo Hoo. And Number Tres)... I FINALLY found the cord to my camera (well Tom's camera that I jacked awhile ago and have made my own) haha.

I'm leaving you with some shots of pre-wedding festivities

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