April 26, 2010

Austin...in the rain

A little over a week ago Josh and I made a weekend trip out to Austin to visit our dear friends Jacob & Rebecca (who are getting married in Jan.). Our trip started out with perfect weather, the wind was blowing, sun in our faces, our sweet new sun glasses on... but all that changed after being on the road for about 30 minutes. The skies suddenly turned a grayish-dark blue, clouds were low, and the rain and thunder quickly followed. It stayed like this for majority of our drive their, while visiting, and on our way home. So needless to say, we were unable to take advantage of the best parts of Austin... The OUTDOORS.
While there we had the opportunity to hit up some popular Austin Eateries:

The County Line: This is a BBQ place that was good. I had beef & turkey. I preferred the turkey- it was very moist and slice perfectly. I didn't really care for the potato salad that was served with it. We also had a peach cobbler for dessert. Again it was about average...but still good.
Kerby Lane Cafe: This was my favorite food place of the weekend. They served really fresh, local food. I had a combo that had Pancakes (I got blueberry), a meat (I had sausage), and eggs (so good and fresh). I also had a bite of Josh's potatoes which were also very yummy. It was a heavy breakfast but not greasy like most diners. I would definitely go here again.

Green Mesquite BBQ: This is J&R's favorite place. This is one of those "Hole in the Wall" kinda places. It was fairly crowded even though we were having a later lunch. We sat in a corner booth & started our lunch with a pitcher of Shiner (at a great price!). Jacob and Rebecca ordered their favorite "BBQ Tacos", Josh ordered a burger (he was still full from breakfast), and I ordered a 2 meat plate (Ribs & Brisket). I really enjoyed the ribs, and the brisket was OK ( a little too smokey for my preference). They had a variety of sides but I think the best was the fried okra. In general I thought it was alright... but def a great location in the city & good prices. Oasis: This is an Austin hot spot. Mainly because of it's amazing view & great outdoor seat. Unfortunately, like I already mentioned- the weather was terrible. But we sucked it up for a little while having drinks out on the patio (which is on the 3rd floor of this place). After waiting a good hour the 4 of us got seated. Unfortunately the food left a lot to be desired (which we'd previously heard). I had a large steak salad. And the food was fine, there was nothing wrong with it. But for their prices the food quality definitely didn't match up. I would for sure return to this location for drinks of the bar. But wouldn't choose to eat here again.

Next time we go I'm really looking forward to trying out some cool places we saw while driving around the city like Moroccan food, a good looking Thai place, and many more. There seemed to be some pretty neat places- but the weather just didn't permit us to try these sorts of eateries out.

Aside from eating we also did a tour of the capital building. It was surprisingly a really neat experience. The building was beautiful. The history was very interesting. And it was a really lovely experience.
Also during our visit we went and saw a movie. That is Rebecca & I saw 1 movie and the boys saw another. I cant remember the name of what the boys saw, but us girls saw "The Last Song". It really was a lovely movie. Great story. I can't remember what the boys saw... but R & I came in the last few minutes and it was terrible whatever it was. haha. So glad we opted to see our own movie.

Anyways, our trip was a really fun time. It was great to see our friends (that we haven't seen since the wedding). I look forward to our next trip. Maybe get a hotel in the hill country to be a little closer to some of the little towns surrounding Austin.

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Eboix said...

Oh I agree the food at the Oasis is not the greatest, but the view is awesome, DH's dad built a few houses to the right of the Oasis. Def go back on a nice day and enjoy the view!!