March 30, 2010

Job Update

So many of you have been asking me what's the news on the job situation so I thought I'd share what I've got...

I have applied at a great private pre-school here in the area. I've had 2 interviews with them and it's gone really well. It's a wonderful facility and I would be really happy working there.

Also, the Katy ISD job fair is coming up at the end of April and there are some great positions becoming available. I've got my resume in the hands of some great people ahead of time, so hopefully we'll start seeing some movement soon!

Currently I am subbing in Katy ISD and have gotten some great experiences and got a chance to meet really neat people & kiddos. So it's been fun, but def. not a long term thing for me!

So keep up with the positive thoughts & prayers as I continue this long search for the perfect job.

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