February 14, 2010

Remember to love

Valentines Day is such an iffy "holiday" for me. Whenever I think of love- I don't for one second think about giving my friends/family/husband things like chocolates or balloons or fancy dinners or flowers or anything like that. To me those are all materialistic items that can't even stand close to representing the kind of love I have for people.
I can't understand why some women get so upset if their significant other doesn't plan the "perfect" day for them. And I feel terrible for the poor men that have to dish out gifts to "prove their love". I mention these things because they are real conversations that I've heard take place over the last week. Valentines Day shouldn't be about the perfect gift. But more about the perfect love. I just don't understand a "material" love!
Now I don't hate Valentines Day at all. I actually really enjoy the idea of a holiday centered around love. It actually is a good reminder of the way that we should treat our loved ones every day. There are times when life is just so busy you forget to have time for love. It doesn't take long to just call your husband or your friend or your mom & just let them know that you were thinking of them & that you are thankful to have them in your life. For me this Valentines Day has reminded me that I must always take the time to let people know that I love them. A phone call, a note, a picture, even a text (just not all the time) - just don't forget to send your love!

So to all my friends & family - I love you! I can't thank you enough for being in my life - For teaching me lessons, for making me smile, for your company, and for just being you!

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