April 12, 2010

25 Things

So an old classmate of mine, Rachel, did a post of 25 random things on her blog today and I LOVED it. So let's see if I can come up with some equally fun things to share.

1. I love "Everything Bagels". They are seriously my favorite bakery items.

2. I've recently had this desire to start sewing. When I was younger I loved sewing projects with my mom... but then I just stopped. But I'm ready to do it again. Last Thursday I actually bought some really fun fabric to make throw pillows for our bed.

3. I have a new favorite blog to read. Enjoying The Small Things. There is something about her writing style & photography that just make me come back for more day after day.

4. I hate regular coffee. Really I think it tastes terrible. I've tried many times, flavors, add-ins, etc. Too bad...

5. There is something about having a Perfect Day that makes me miss by best friends. I think it's because I wish they were there with me... but it's really kinda depressing when I'm busy having a perfect day & all of a sudden I get sad. But usually a few text messages make it all better.

6. My greatest wish in life is to be a stay at home mom.

7. There's something about David Beckham that makes me get weak at the knees. I think it's a combination of his bad boy look, then having a hot wife, and perfect looking kids, and an outstanding career. I wonder if his life is really as perfect as he makes it appear....

8. Someday I hope to go on an African Safari.

9. The movie "The Notebook" makes me cry (and not a good cry). I love parts of the movie but the parts that make me sad are just too numerous, so I don't like to watch it.

10. I think weddings are magical! But I don't like traditional weddings.... I like it when you can look at a wedding and say "Oh that was so them!!". My favorite part of our wedding was our ceremony. It was just so perfect & US!

11. I've always had a feeling that God wants me to adopt a child someday. It's an odd feeling to have, but I know this is a must do in life!

12. I've never traveled out of the country (other than the Mexican Border). I am actually in the process of getting a Passport.

13. I love listening to live music.... not like big concerts... but just a few musicians singing their heart out (especially with the guitar)

14. I wish I was a good photographer. I love the way that photos look with the perfect lighting, taken at the perfect angle. I'm just not capable of it (maybe someday).

15. Having backyard BBQ's are a favorite past time. There is something about people gathered around a table outside, enjoying company, laughing, talking, eating, drinking... It's just perfect! I can't wait till we get a back yard.

16. Something about turning 24 this year makes me feel old... I guess I just assumed I would have accomplished more by this age. Oh well... can't change the past, only the future.

17. I love antique styling. There is something about mixing antique white, with teal, and pottery, and flowers. I just adore it. I've been trying to figure out how to make my styling not so girly!

18. White Elephant Gift Exchanges are genius. There is something so liberating about being able to "steal" someone else's gift.

19. I'd rather be poor & happy than rich & unhappy.

20. I do not have an I-Phone and have no desire to ever have one! There is something about being connected to the entire world all of the time that is totally unappealing to me. I love the fact that my phone only makes calls & sends text messages (of course it can do more than that... I just choose for it not to).

21. My favorite city is Chicago.

22. Themed parties are simply the funnest things.

23. I have an obsession with stationary. I can't walk out of Target or Michaels without purchasing some type of paper product. I've got more cards, notepads, "lists", even pens than I could ever really need. But I do love that it makes me send my friends & family handwritten letters. B/c I know I ADORE getting things in the mail.

24. I think cats are better than dogs.

25. Sharing a funny story.... So on the morning after the wedding, at about 7:30 am, the fire alarm at our hotel went off. haha it was so funny. First we both thought it was an alarm clock. Then when we realized it wasn't we kinda panicked. Scrambling about trying to get dressed to head down the stair case (which thankfully was really close to our room). We were stuck outside for like an hour. So after the fire department got there and turned off a faulty alarm, we decided to just get dressed (for real... not just slummy clothes) & eat breakfast and then went to our morning after brunch..... So much for sleeping in our honeymoon =) This is a nasty pic of us from 7:30 am. hahaha


Keeley Barr said...

Ok A) passport?? any chance you're coming to see a certain sorority sister and tour europe?? and B) you actually look really sexy in that picture! I'm dead serious!

Rachel Lillian said...

Yay! Love the list! Also, I want to go on an African safari SOOO bad!

April said...

great post! I love the adopt a child one. It is close to home for me since I am adopted and love my life :)

For you to have that feeling seems like fate. God has a child that you won't carry picked out for you already that you are meant be with :) Alright, now I'm going to cry. lol