February 26, 2010

Think Before You Act

So I've recently realized that many people in my age group , let's say ages 18-25, are very inconsiderate. And honestly I can't decide if these people do it on purpose or if they honestly don't know the proper way to act. So I figured I'd outline a few of the correct ways to handle some situations. Note: not all of these things have happened to me personally- but I have been witness to them recently (and some many times).

- If you tell someone that you will be somewhere at 5 o'clock- it is better to be there a few minutes early. But if you are running more than 5-10minutes(tops)- then call the person (not text) and just let them know. OR if you know that you will be running late... call them in advance. It is a terrible thing to be sitting around waiting on someone!!

- If someone gives you a gift then you need to write them a thank you note. It doesn't have to be something long & drawn out. But you do need to show your appreciation. And boys this includes you!!! And especially don't forget to send one to your grandma...they remember (as do others).

- If you say you are going to do something, then you need to do it! Example- if you tell your roommate you will pick up milk on the way home, then pick it up! Or if you tell your mother you will dog sit for her- then you need to do it!! Now, if something comes up (which things to happen) then simply call the person you were going to help out, let them know the situation, and come up with a solution. Simple!

- If an invitation you receive asks for an RSVP- then do it!! And do it as early as possible. When hosting a party it is vital to know about how many people to expect.

- Also, if you RSVP to an event & you need to change your response, then you need to get ahold of the host ASAP and let them know. When you RSVP "yes" to an event and then don't show up you are costing your friend money!! A simple phone call / email could save your friend/hostess money! Consider this... You may have said you could come to a friends BBQ & then you bail last minute (with no good reason)- well your friend spent money buying enough food for you, enough drinks for you, etc. (This could easily cost $5-15 dollars). Now consider this... you told your friend that you could attend their wedding & then you decide not to show up... now you are costing your host (and friend) a BIG chunk of change... let's break it down. Let's say the food per person is $40 and alcohol pp is $22 and chair rental is $2.50 and cake per slice is $4.50 and napkin rental is ($1). Add that up: 40+22+2.50+4.50+1 = $70. So you cost your friend $70. How would you feel if you paid for someone to NOT show up?? How would you feel if your friend were to send you a bill for this $70??

- Don't wear Jeans to a wedding unless you are 100% sure that this type of attire will be considered acceptable. If you are unsure ask someone in the bridal party. But don't just show up like that. And yes people do notice. And yes some people do care. And yes people will be talking about you! "... Who is the guy in the jeans? I can't believe that they would wear that to a formal wedding."

- If you are not invited to a party/wedding don't get your panties ruffled. These type of events cost MONEY! Also just b/c you weren't invited doesn't mean that you are unliked. It just means that they weren't able to invite you. Sometimes the reason may be the amount of space available, could be budget, could be a person decision to have a small event. etc. Just take it like a champ and get over it! Also, DO NOT INVITE YOURSELF! I REPEAT DO NOT INVITE YOURSELF. Also, do not just show up. At planned events there may not even be a seat available for you! It is very inappropriate to just show up! Think about it... how would you feel if someone just showed up at a very intimate date with your girlfriend/boyfriend & then expected you to pay for it. That is almost equivalent to you just showing up at some one's wedding.

- If someone calls you & you don't answer... you do need to return their call (especially if they leave a message). They may have just wanted to say hello, but at least call them back and check.

- A phone conversation is much better than a text. And a IN PERSON conversation is much better than all of the above.

- Do not post personal business on facebook. Especially don't post someone else's personal information on their facebook. A recent example I saw on someones facebook: "Hey Ashley I heard from your brother that you are pregnant." Now it's very sweet that this person wanted to wish them well... But It really wasn't this posters place to share this information with all the world.

-Your parents are on facebook! Get over-it. We've heard for years that you should never have things on your facebook that you wouldn't want your mom or grandma to see.... well that day is here. Clean it up! Get over it! Esp. b/c no one wanted to see your drunken pictures of you making out with a random guy at the bar anyways!

- Hand write a letter! It's ok... You'll remember how to form the letters when you touch the pen to the paper. Sometimes it's best to write your mother or good friend a handwritten letter.

Ok well I think that's enough for now! But really folks... just think before you act. Think about how you would feel in each of these situations. Think about how your actions have an impact on others. We all make mistakes and that's fine. We're HUMAN! But always do your best to act right!


Keeley Barr said...

I am crackin up!! You are so true Ms. Anna!! I was so annoyed when someone just randomly showed up at my wedding- even though it wasn't formal we had only invited BEST friends and for this person (who I'd talked to maybe 3x in HIGH SCHOOL) to just show up because my friend didn't want to drive alone- ugh that still bugs me!!!!
And people "outed" me on facebook for being pregnant- my own family! SO annoying.
I miss you and our talks. You always had such wisdom to share! Are you sure you and Josh can't make a trip to Europe anytime soon???

Jacqueline Hooton Huntley said...

I definately agree with you on everything here, Anna. So many people in our generation have no manners whatsoever! It is very disheartening.