June 12, 2010

Journey of the 1st Time Homebuyer (part 1)

Shopping for a house is one of the most rewarding and "grown up" things Josh and I have done. So far we've had a really fun time looking at houses, evaluating floor plans, playing with "the numbers", and of course picturing where we could build our family.

So far we have probablly looked at around 25 houses. And really only liked 2 of them. They were totally different homes - 1 is a 1 story the other a 2 story, 1 huge back yard and the other an average side, one is move in ready the other needs LOTS of work, 1 with many mature trees and the other just baby trees.
But last night Josh and I did the scariest thing we've ever done... put an offer on our 1st house. We aren't sure if we're going to get it or not but over the next couple of days we shall see. The house we chose is a 1 story house w. about 1800 sq ft, great floor plan, wonderful dining room, and a HUGE, I mean REAL HUGE back yard. This is the house that also needs LOTS of work. But we just couldn't resist all the other wonderful features. If we do get this house we'll have to replace all carpet, repaint every wall and ceiling in the whole house, some air duct work, and lots and lots of TLC (probablly a full week's worth of cleaning to be done prior to starting on the other stuff). I'll keep you all posted.

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