January 11, 2010

Loving Life

Well we've got no complaints.Over the weekend we spent time just hanging out and having fun.

We did get a chance to start following one of our new years resolutions of supporting small business here in Katy. On Sat we ate a pizza place called Mazzei's. It was really good. They've just become a "sit-down" sorta place and we were really impressed with the quality of food. Definitely somewhere we'd go back to. Then on Sunday for lunch we went to another new place in Katy called Gator's Cajun Cafe. The food here was ok. It wasn't bad but nothing very impressive. Glad we tried it though.

Well I'm "officially" a Skalka. I got my name changed today! Thankfully the line at the DMV wasn't too long. I'm not really looking forward to tackling the Social Security office though. So I may put that off for awhile.

I did start my new book today. I've chosen for my first book of the year to be Against Medical Advice by James Patterson & Hal Friedman. It's a really nice read. I'm already 150pages in. haha. It would be some sort of record if I somehow finished by tomorrow. It's about a child's battle with Tourette's Syndrome. Very interesting & written in the child's point of view. Love IT!
And I can't help but shout-out to one of my dearest friends Keeley who announced her pregnancy to the world today!!!I couldn't be more excited for her and her wonderful husband. They will be the best parents. Love you both & wish I could jump on a plane to Germany to come give you a big hug!

I'll leave you all with another wonderful photo from the wedding

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Keeley said...

Way to make me tear up AGAIN Anna!! :-) Don't you love weekends just being with your hubby?? I wish you could come here too- but more importantly I wish we could come back to TX!! lol