January 7, 2010

Just For Starters

One of my New Years Resolutions is to do a better job keeping in touch with family and friends. This has been difficult because currently we don't live near many of our extended family or friends. But the goal is to keep people in the loop of what I'm up to, new projects I'm working on, and my random life in general!

My biggest news, as all of you know, is that Josh and I finally got married. We got married in Katy at The Tuscany Villa. It was an absolutely wonderful day full of love, laughter, and lots of family and friends! Simply put... It was PERFECT! We looked Awesome, our best friends were there, the food was yummy, Cake was delicious, flowers were stunning, dancing was so fun, and at the end of the night we were husband and wife!

I've gotten some non-pro pictures so far from some friends (but I'll share some of those later). But in the mean time, if you've got some pictures to share please share them with us on our snapfish room. Let's see um PLEASE :)

But I do want to leave you with a teaser picture from our photographer Julie Wilhite

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