June 12, 2010

Every 4 Years

Woooooooooooo Hooooooooooo!!!!

This is my favorite time of every 4 years. Even better than the Olympics to me... It's World Cup Time!!!! As of this very moment there have been 3 games played so far in South Africa. I plan on watching as many games as possible and keep my 2 cents. And of course soccer following friends, we all know that each of us have very different opinions of have the games went.

South Africa vs. Mexico - What a way to start the tournament !! This was a pretty fun game to watch. I loved watching the enthusiasm of the South African fans and players. Their excitement was contagious and I found myself wanting a horn to blow in my own house during the game =) Ok now for the game- I thought Mexico put on a good game, but nothing special or over the top. It was the type of play I expected from them. Now I was pleasantly surprised by how South Africa played. They showed a lot more composure than what I expected from them. With a 1-1 draw I think both teams got what they deserved.

Uruguay vs. France- Oh my lordy... this game was slow and not exciting at all. I kept hoping that something great was about to get started, but it never did. I actually fell asleep... enough said. And the 0-0 score was no help to excitement either.
South Korea vs. Greece- I loved this game. South Korea played outstanding. I really enjoyed watching the sportsman shop of this team. They continued to smile, encourage, and support one another. They had creativity in their play and worked really hard. Greece on the other hand was totally uninspiring. They are lucky they only lost 2-0. There were many other opportunities where SK could have come up with a few more. I think part of the reason this game was so exciting was because of the first goal coming in the 7th minute. I look forward to seeing SK play more & hope they continue to do well.

Next game to come Argentina vs. Nigeria (Messi is going to need to pick up his game for sure!)

AND of course the USA vs. England game!!!! Can't wait. Go USA!!!

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