June 20, 2010

Summer is Funny

Mr. Josh seriously does some of the funniest things. He often dosen't even realize how his actions make me laugh.

This morning Josh woke up and decided he wanted to make us some Raspberry tea. And this time he wanted to be "fancy". Josh decided to mix some of the Lipton powder that he loves along with 2 K-Cups from our Keurig. He mixes them up so proudly. Smiles so sweet. Sits down with a large glass of iced tea.

Me on the other hand and staring at this pitcher full of pink tea with specs in it. I ask J what he thinkgs about it and he says "It's good I think". So I ask him what all those specs are and that's when he tells me about the Keurig Cups... That's when I explain to Josh that in order to use dried teas you have to seep it. haha Or put it through the machine.
Mr J never fails to make me laugh. What a funny summer morning.

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Keeley Barr said...

so did he ever try it?? lol I love my Keurig machine! You should try the "perfect sweet iced tea" they just came out with (I order mine online). It's the PERFECT sweet iced tea!!