April 26, 2010

Just another Scout

Well as many of you already know, my family is VERY involved in boy scouts (sometimes a little OVER involved). For years I've been doing my best to dodge any large projects for BSA and just help behind the scenes... well this year I've bit the bullet. I'm all official (got cute shirts and everything... and not the regular khaki mess most of the ladies wear... haha). I am helping with one of the Centennial events this year, SHAC Jam. And I am in charge of a program neighborhood called "The Fun Zone". So you guessed it... I pretty much am planning "fun" activities for 500+ scouts an hour (expecting 15-20,000 scouts total). This has started taking up a good amount of my spare time, but that's ok for now.

Having been doing this for 3+ months I'd say I have another thing to check off my "100 things before 25 " and that is becoming a long term volunteer. I feel comfortable calling this a "long term" commitment because the event isn't until October... so I'll be keeping busy at least until then!

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