June 25, 2010

We got it!!

Well we sorta got it. We have finally agreed on a price and terms of the contract. And things are looking great. Finaces are in order and now it's inspection time. We've opted to do a traditional inspection along with termite & AC. Just because you never know how crazy things can be in Texas.

Mr J and I are now also looking for all sorts of "grown-up" things. Because I guess we've crossed that line into grown-up land. We've been window shopping (and reviewing) a TV for the bedroom, a Lawn Mower & Weed-Wacker, a grill, paint types, living room furniture, and bedroom furniture. Wowza! Things get crazy.

We've also started looking into home insurance, new car insurance, and a bug guy. haha. There's so much that must be done in order to own a home.

And since many of you have been asking I'll share some pictures....

Now let's just keep our fingers crossed that everything goes well. We don't want to count our chickens before they hatch. But I sure hope everything goes well!!!


Laura said...

Wishing you a great inspection, Good luck with it all. The house is adorable!

Miss67C said...

looks great! Hope everything works out! :)

April said...

so pretty! Go wood floors! I love those stainless appliances too.

Grown up stuff is so much fun!

P.s- get a lawnmover with a bag. We were given one without and it was hell. Clippings ruined the mulch beds. Yeah, just went and bought a bagged one last week. lol

Amanda said...

GREAT place Anna!