February 9, 2011

It's Nice to be Noticed

A few weeks ago I was named New Teacher of the Year at my elementary school. I was completely shocked. And it was tons of fun to have family around to celebrate. This celebration didn't come with out it's drama though (which is funny to think back on now- but wasn't at the time).

I was busy working my morning duty unloading my students from their cars in a side driveway at the school. Out of no where I see Josh and his dad drive through my parking lot. I immediately start to panic. There have been some family issues going on so I instantly started thinking the worse. I tried and tried to get a hold of Josh, but he just wouldn't anwser. I eventually get a quick text that said "You're fine! Calm down.". Well that wasn't working for me, so I kept on calling. He eventually anwsered and told me to breath, relax, and to act suprised when I saw him.

Next thing I know there is a counselor around asking me to bring one of my students down to morning announcements (which are live! for the entire campus to see). I walk down there and the principal starts saying there was one more announcment they had to make, and then they announced me as new teacher of the year. Then out comes my mom, Josh, Jonny, and Mike. It was a lovely surpise. And as soon as the the camera went off I started crying. I was just so relieved that something bad hadn't happened.

Phew! So end of drama! Next up was lots of fun celebrating with flowers, a sash, and a parade around campus (which my family came on with me). We walked the halls giving high-fives, slapping hands, doing the pagent wave, and smiling real big :) 

It is really such an honor to be recognized while working with such wonderful teachers.

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