October 26, 2011

And now I'm 2

... months that is.

This week O-Man turns 8 weeks old. I can not believe how time has flown by. His next appointment is not until the 31st for his true "2 month" check up. So I'll update with stats after that. But in the mean time here is what Owen has been up to during this 2nd month of life...

Sleep - anywhere from 3-6.5 hrs. Typically he starts with his "long sleep" which is 4.5-6.5 hours then wakes to eat and then will go down for another 2-4. It's so nice having to only wake once during the night now. Our normal schedule is head to bed sometime between 9-10:30 and wake between 7-8:30. So really he is doing great.

Naps- Little man has such a random day time schedule. I really let him sleep or play as he wants (no waking a sleeping baby from this mama). But he is awake more and more so his napping is becoming less and less.

Clothes- well early on this month he still fit 0-3s (and still has just a couple "big ones" that are working) but he's already upgraded to 3-6. He is growing so much!

Favorite things-  being outside! Owen just loves the outdoors, this is one of our "go to fixes" when he is fussy. But in general he is just a happy camper when the sun is on his face and wind is blowing through his hair.
He also LOVES bathtime. Seriously he is all smiles, coo's, and giggles when we are in there. He takes baths in a mesh "chair" that sits in our big tub. So I sit in there with him and splash and laugh also. He has started doing this new thing where he will arch his back up out of the "chair" and shoot his arms and legs out stiff. It seriously looks like the kid is trying to float.

Things we couldn't live without-  Aden and Anise blankets, Mam paci's, our strollers (since little man loves his walk), Ring Sling, and bath chair. Oh and how could I forget... Wipes, wipes, and more wipes! (must have extras everywhere we go)

Milestones- lots of social smiles, tracking, recognizing people, sleeping 5+ hrs

Major Events/ Activities- went to Dates and Lauren's going away party (we sure are going to miss them),  went to the zoo, went to Josh's work for the first time, and went to the Oil Ranch. pumpkin patch,  Oh and Halloween will soon be here.

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