October 21, 2011

Catch Up: Month 1


Weight/ Length: 11pounds 11 ounces and 23 and 5/8"

Sleep: 3-4 Hours at a time. Wakes to eat and the fast back to sleep. He prefers to sleep on my chest or on his tummy. But we put him in a Rock and Play Sleeper for nighttime (this is right next to our bed). Still napping frequently during the day. Typically 1-2 hours at a time. And he will nap just about anywhere: carseat, in your arms, in his bouncy chair... Just not flat on his back

Hair: We've still got it! It's constantly changing colors. These days it's got quite the red tint to it. Josh has his fingers crossed that he's not a full blown "Ginger" - but we'd love him even if he did :)

Diapers: Size 1 (this is where we've been since NICU). Prefer the Pampers Swaddlers.

Clothes: He could fit newborn for the first week or 2 (thankfully we only bought 1 package of onsies for this reason). But has  been wearing 0-3. Primarily Polo's and Pocket Tee's- Daddy wants his little one to be a Frat Daddy!

Favorite Things: being held! This boy loves to cuddled non-stop. He also likes to go outside and be rocked in the rocking chairs, go on car rides, being swaddled (with arms out), sleep in our bed,  and eat!

Things we couldn't live without: Zip up sleepers (none of those crazy snap ones), Rock and Play Sleeper, Pacifier (Soothies), and sweat pants (as jeans are to restricting but going pantless makes for a chilly boy).

Milestones: Picks up head (he's been doing this since week 1), pushes with his arms and legs, gives social smiles

Major Events / Activities:  Had his Bris (which went very well) and was introduced to the congregation, attended Cullan's 2nd Birthday Party, Watch football at Gramma and Grampa's house every Sunday, out to eat frequently.

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