June 4, 2011

Mr. Bean

So I just realized how I never actually shared with the world on here that our little bean is a Boy. So technically we call him "Mr. Bean" now.

In this picture I'm about 23 weeks. 

I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and I am loving this time! Up until I was about 21 weeks or so I was sick all the time. I'll spare you the details, but basically I lost 15 lbs. But since that 21 week mark- food has bee my friend, and I think Mr. Bean is loving it. He is moving around all the time. He is most active around 4 and 9:30. I really hope that doesn't mean that he is going to be a night owl. Because that could really put a kink in my chain. I'd have to begin convert him into an early bird from birth :)  Because for me evening time is resting time, not partying time! We'll just have to see.

Yesterday I had an appointment with a new doctor, who thank goodness I LOVED! I am having to switch due to a change of insurance (since I won't be teaching anymore), and I was having the most difficult time finding a new doctor who I felt was competent, delivered at the right hospital, and whose practice I loved. And thankfully I found one. My mom went with me to the doctor yesterday and lucky for her she got to see an ultrasound being done. I was so excited for her to get to see one because with all 4 of her pregnancies she only had 1 ultrasound, and that was with John. But that's just not how things are done these days. We've gotten to see our little man 5 times now. It's really amazing to watch their little bodies move across the screen. My favorite part was when we saw Mr Bean sucking his thumb. My mom and I just laughed... me have have a child who is a thumb sucker.... nooo.... couldn't be :) 

We are just so in love with our little man- and couldn't be more excited for his arrival. He is going to be a great addition to our family! And little does Mr Bean know, but he will soon be a fratty, boy scouting, car loving, soccer addict, sport playing, outdoor going little man. Basically he's going to be just one of the guys :)  And I can't wait for all our brothers and dads to get to enjoy their little man time too!


The Paradis Family said...

Hey-love the blog! So, what doctor did you end up going with?

Jordan Stubbs said...

Love the blog and you look amazing!