February 9, 2011

A Little Piece of Perfect

This is very late in sharing. But life has been a bit crazy these days and I'm just getting the opportunity to sit and write/post.
In December Josh and I went on the most wonderful trip to Chicago. We were surrounded by some of our favorite people, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Paul. And we had the opportunity to do some amazing things that just filled our hearts (and tummys) with all sorts of happiness.

We started our trip staying downtown in the new JW Marriot. Although our view wasn't the greatest (not for a lack of trying- the good view rooms just weren't available) everything else was perfect. The rooms were so comfy and relaxing, they have a cheese plate that was simply outstanding (strange thing to rave about... I know), the bar area was really nice, breakfast was simple yet very yummy, and the executive lounge had the best tasting pistachio french macaroons.

Of course we had to hit up the museums, aquarium, millennium park (very very quickly), and walking everywhere in the freezing cold.

Kathy and Paul treated us to AMAZING seats (we're talking 2nd row ) to see WICKED! The cast in Chicago is so good. The characters were perfect. And the theater was stunning. I can't tell you how cool it was to be that close to stage. You could see everything.

On top of our show, and walks, and lots of normal fun, we ate and ate and ate! I don't think we ever went more than 5 hours without eating. But Chicago has some drool worthy food that we just couldn't miss. We were able to hit Frontera Grill, Grahm Elliot (probably the best meal ever), Niche, some German Place (of course I can't remember the name now), and so many more! I don't think we ate one meal that isn't noteworthy. But I won't bore you all with foody details that will leave me wanting more (b/c heading back to Chicago right now isn't an option).

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