October 13, 2011

The big 25

So 20 months ago I created this list of 25 things I wanted to accomplish by age 25. Well... I turned 25 two weeks ago. And I didn't accomplish as many of the things on the list as I thought I would have. But I did have an amazing 20 months... and boy have things changed! But just for fun here was my list and I've checked off what I did manage to accomplish.

1. Lose 50 pounds - not 50... but 25 (and that is after the baby... and it's only been 6 weeks)2. Have a full time job
3. Buy a house
4. Become a long-term volunteer with an organization
5. Run in a 5k
6. Host a holiday!7. Go to another country
8. Put together a "history" photobook for my dad of his scouting career
9. Go to a winery
10. Take a cooking class
11. Help put on a large event (gala, wedding, large party, etc)

12. Learn how to use photoshop (or similar program)
13. Finish a scrapbook
14. Make a quilt
15. Have seen all of my immediate aunts, uncles, and cousins
16. Go on a Cruise
17. Read at least 10 ENTIRE books (real books not children's books)
18. Learn how to change my own tire / basic maintenance on my car
19. Take a vacation with my mom
20. Refinish furniture21. Learn how to use fondant (and have it look good) =)
22. An outside activity at least once a month (fishing, camping, hiking, etc.)
23. Not eat out for a full month
24. Spend a week with no computer access (by choice)
25. Stay Debt Free!

Although I can't say say that I successfully accomplished this goal, I did accomplish many other things! And they are things I wouldn't trade for the world. I got to work with an incredible group of kiddos for one school year (major life changing experience). I was able to spend irreplaceable time with my mother and law before she passed away. I have grown closer to my family than I ever thought was possible. Josh and I have an fantastic marriage. And we now have an amazing son who is the center of our world and I have the privilege of being a stay at home mom so I get to be with him 24/7 !

Turning 25 seems like a turning point. I am no longer in my "early twenties" and feeling like I am viewed more as an "adult" rather than just a "young adult". I still have many dreams and ambitions that I'd love to see accomplished. I'm not sure when I'll get to them all... But I'm sure they'll happen... When I'm damn good and ready :)

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