June 26, 2011

Nursery Update

So I know many of you have been asking me about the Nursery recently. Well, the reason for lack of updates is because I hadn't really picked many things yet. I'm still having a hard time pulling together some of the detail pieces (which we all know is really what brings the whole room together). But so far this is what we've got.

Crib- This is a Morgan Safeside by Munire

Bedding - This is a Mini Dot Crib sheet (in Navy) with the Harper Bed Skirt (Navy) - Both of these are by Pottery Barn Kids

Curtians - This is the fabric that we'll use to make 7 ft pannels  for the window in the room. This fabric is by Robert Allen (Nautica collection) and is called Henley Stripe in Day Lily.

Floor Pillows- I think I'll be using this fabric to make 2 large floor pillows for Mr. Bean's room. This fabric is also by Robert Allen (Nautica collection) and is called Gales Point

Rug- Now we have NOT purchased this (everything else we have). But I am considering getting this rug for the room. What do you think? This is the Border Chennile Rug by Pottery Barn Kids. The biggest thing holding me back is the cost. Is this rug really worth $200 ? I'm thinking I won't be able to make a decision until I get the other stuff actually put into the room

The rest of the furniture is in the works. I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of all the in between stages. We stripped down an old antique dresser and nightstand that belonged to my maternal great grandmother. I think it's pretty neat to have family history involved in Bean's room. We are in the painting phase now. The dresser is being painted white and the night stand will be painted red. I have not yet decided on knobs or pulls to put on the furniture.

And the room does have walls :)   They will be painted Martha Stewart Etched Glass. It is a very light blue with a tint of gray. Our hope is that this color will tint the walls but still appear more of a neutral pallet
. We really like what we've got going on so far. Now it's just time to start executing some of these great ideas :)  I surely hope to be able to share something accomplished with you. The plan is for me to finish the dresser tomorrow, my mom is going to come over this week to help paint, and Josh says that he's going to put the crib together one night after work this week. I can't wait to see it all come together so we can start working on the details like art work, lamps, shelfs, etc.

Hope you had a great weekend!


lauren said...

love all the items!! We almost went with that crib too!! Also, wanted to let you know we used a guy from Pottery Barn (but he'll do any make/model of cribs) to assemble them. It saves your hubby lots of time, and also then you know it's super safe and meets all requirements...just an idea! Can't wait to see it all put together. Oh and YES i would def go with the rug!! brings it all together!!

Becko said...

Is there a rug that has navy and a color from the curtains? I think that would really help tie the room together. I really like the floor pillow idea.