January 5, 2012

Quarter of a Year (aka 3 months)

What a fun month. Owen is starting to play, explore, talk, and truely recognize people.

Weight: 16 pounds

Clothes: 3-6 month.  I look super cute in my blue jeans- but I won't move around in them as much.

Sleep: you continue to be a decent sleeper. Typically you sleep 3-4 hours at a time. And about 9 hours a night. You are still sleeping in the Rock and Play Sleeper. To fall asleep you like to either be horizontal with your bumm being patted, a consistant "shh shh shh shh", and a little bounce in mommy's step OR you will happily nurse to sleep.

Eating:  you still nurse (except for the occasional bottle when we are out and their is no good place to stop). You are quick and silly. Grandma thinks it's funny that you grunt when you are starving. And when you are finished you let out a very satisfied sigh. It's very funny to anyone around.

Favorites: Bath time is still the best. You splash & kick & laugh for as long as we let you stay in. You also love to play with your tounge. You like to stick it out, roll it in your mouth, have it rubbed, whatever you can get :)

Firsts: You celebrated your first Thanksgiving. It was at our house and everyone had a great time. You wore the cutest shirt that mommy and grandma made for you.

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