February 3, 2012

This and That!

I know, I know... I failed at a weekly posting. But this time it's not my fault. My computer has been all messed up. I've revived it to some fuctional capacity, but certianly not where I need it to be. Therefore we will be brief and hopefully get caught up soon.

Sweet Owen has a rough couple weeks. He's been battling a yucky cold, reflux, and just found out he has a double ear infection. Ouch buddy! Poor little man hadn't slept much, but he is finally trying to get all caught up!

Sweet Boy getting a steaming from the shower.
We have also started going to Baby Bootcamp in the mornings. It's really a great group of women who are trying to get into shape (or stay in shape) while being able to bring the babes along. It's been a lot of fun and have got to meet some wonderful mommies!

Lots of fun in the works! Getting started on craft projects, a blog update, and home revamping! A lot of This and That going on in the Skalka house. I'll do my best to share with you all very soon.

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